Week 20 – My hero is FINALLY home!!!

I cannot even explain how horribly slow this week was for me. The whole week was consumed with meetings, paperwork, more meetings, and of course my mind racing 100 miles per hour! I was anxious, nervous, excited and scared all at the same time. Mostly because of our company selling, but also because my hubs was coming home.

On Thursday my husband got on the plane to head home. He decided to take the longer route home because he could travel in civilian clothes, see more countries on the way and extend his deployment time a little. His stops included Bahrain, Italy and Spain. He said he ate at most of the places and the good was horrible, lol. Sad thing is, he likes most anything. He’s a major food critic. If I make something and he says he likes it, it was delicious actually. If he says it was ok, it means to never make it again.

He finally made it to the states on Friday early morning. The flew to another AFB in VA and stayed over night. Finally on Saturday they were headed home. For some reason though their flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 5:00pm and had a layover in Atlanta. Obviously they flew commercial. So they didn’t even arrive to the airport until 10:30pm that night. Kind of stunk having to anxiously wait the WHOLE day for them, but it was worth it.

That Friday I picked up one of the other wives. She lives in TX and decided to fly in and be here when he hubs arrived. Best part was, he has no idea 🙂 I had offered to pick him up at the airport since he was staying at the same hotel as us, so it was fairly easy to surprise him.

So needless to say, I am the happiest girl ever now that I have my lover home with me. No more lonely nights wishing he was by my side. No more worrying when I didn’t have contact for days. And no more mowing the freakin lawn! Hehehe! And we will celebrate his homecoming with a fabulous vacation in the smokey mountains. Ahhhh, I can’t wait!!!!!



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