Week 19, is it time yet?

Week 19 was an adventurous week. I spend most of it in Tampa for a work conference. It was my first conference with our Florida clients, so I was a little nervous. I have been with our company for almost 8 years and have only met a select few of our clients in FL. So I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I had all these ideas of how these people were and looked in my head, but boy was I in for a surprise with most of them.

We arrived on Wednesday morning. Spent most of that day mingling and such. Had dinner and drinks with a few clients, and hit the sack at a fairly early time. The next day my boss went golfing and told his wife and I to have a fun girls day and just enjoy ourselves. We spent the day exploring and laying at the pool. Nothing crazy. That evening there was a big dinner planned over in Ybor City. The association provided our transportation as well. When the bus showed up, we just assumed it was a normal bus inside. Well…. yeah, it was totally a party bus with stripper poles and all. And yes, people were already dancing on them before it even left the hotel.

The restaurant we went to eat at was called The Columbia Restaurant. It was hands down the best Cuban restaurant I have ever eaten at. The paella was amazing. And I am not a fan of paella at all. They had an open bar, a band and even had some dancers perform for us. It was a really cool experience. After dinner a bunch of us decided to hit the town of Ybor for some night life. A few blocks down was Coyote Ugly, so we started there. After that we head over to a karaoke bar to get our singin. Now I love to sing. I even have competitions with Carrie Underwood on a pretty consistent basis. But for some reason she only wants to compete in the shower or in the car with the windows up real tight. Not sure why, but that is just when she seems to like to do it. So I just go with it! But everyone else sang a few songs before we ate some drunk night food and crammed into a smelly cab. We were 8 deep in that thing. I fell out when the door opened because I was so squished I couldn’t hold myself in.

After the conference was over on Friday, I picked up the little man from school and rushed home to get ready for some friends  to come over to hang. So it was a crazy late night the night before, and here I had planned another night that was bound to be another crazy late nighter. Everyone brought their kids, so Tyler was happy. I had borrowed a karaoke machine in hopes to entertain everyone, but the damn thing was broke. So we just sang to the music on pandora. It was still fun. The kids were pooped, we were pooped, but it was successful and fun as always.

Saturday I had another horse show, and Sunday was cleaning day. Tyler and I gut out the whole garage and rearranged it. And then we ripped up the whole flower garden and the bricks so Chris and I can fix it. It’s a hot mess and needs a lot of work 😦

So that was week 19. And sadly, it’s not time for my soldier to come home yet. Hopefully soon though. The anticipation is killing me!


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