Week 18 baby! Almost over!!

Yessss… another week down people! It’s almost time for my love to come home from deployment! Only a few weeks left, but who’s counting? I can’t tell you how excited I am to have him coming home soon. Though it has been nice to have some “me” time, I have had my fill and am more than ready to give it up!

So this past week wasn’t super adventurous till the weekend. During the week I worked, cleaned, rode my pony and that was about it. But this weekend was packed with stuff! Friday night I picked up the little man and had dinner with my mother in law. Saturday we had a fundraiser for the pageant that I run for our little town. It was very successful and we made double what we had expected to make. After the fundraiser we were off to a horse show. Had a nice clean run on my pony and took home 2nd place in the 1D Novice division. I was pretty stoked about that! Then Saturday we spent the day out on the river with friends. Did some boating, swimming, cooked out, and just had a fun time hanging with everyone.

Yesterday was cleaning day for the most part. I slept in a little and then got to cleaning. After a while I got a call that my bar was ready to be picked up. I had my mom’s client build me a bar out of pallets for the wedding. He is in the process of building new cabinets for his new cabin he is remodeling, so he needed the space. I didn’t realize how big this thing is. But I am so in love with it and can’t wait to finish it!

This week I am out of town for work. Usually when I go out of town I have my hubs to care for the animals, but this time I have a house sitter. So of course I am nervous as I don’t usually leave all my animals like this. But I am sure it will all be fine. And hopefully the week will fly by so I am even closer to our homecoming. I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and long weekend!


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