Week 17

Oh how I would love to say this is the last week of deployment…. but it’s not! Still more to go, but really wishing it was just over now! The time was flying in the beginning, but now it’s dragging like slow thick molasses… boooo!!!! But it is nearing the end, I am an trying to be optimistic.

Week 17 was a bit of a rough week. My grandmother, whom had been staying with me since October, left to go back home to Michigan. I was very sad to see her leave as she lives in a horrible area and it’s just getting worse. She has a beautiful home that she raised her kids in and my grandfather built. But the area around her, that used to be a beautiful neighborhood, has turned into the ghetto with more crime and murders than most US cities. I believe it is in the top 5 of most dangerous cities to love in. So it’s hard to see her go back to that and not worry about her everyday. But I understand why she loves it there and doesn’t want to leave. Maybe one day we will convince her, I just hope nothing happens to her in the meantime.

So after she left, I went into spring cleaning mode. I have already gone over this in another blog, but it is still going on over at Fox Manor on the daily. You really don’t know how much stuff you have until you do something like this. I just don’t know how we went from 1000 sq ft of living space two years ago with hardly anything, to 2400 sq ft full of more stuff than we need. When we moved in, we had nothing… no couch, no dining room table, nothing but our bed, tv stand and maybe a chair. It’s insane to think of all that we have now. It’s more overwhelming honestly. I think I feel a little anxious talking about it. But this is why I am spring cleaning and getting rid of things we do not use or have not used in forever. And boy is that feeling amazing!

The weekend was nice and relaxing. Had a ladies night with some of my lady friends Friday, horse show and vet visit on Saturday and then a super relaxing beach day with one of my favorite girlfriends on Sunday. This whitey hasn’t seen the sun like that in about a year, so I was a little toasty when we got back. Nothing like I could have been, but I have learned over the years and I am careful now. I can’t stand to get fried and be miserable.

So I am ready to take down week 18 with a vengeance. A lot more spring cleaning to be had, lots of riding and plenty of pageant preparation as well. If my life wasn’t what it is, I can say it would most likely be very boring!


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