Spring cleaning bug!

ImageFor some reason around 8:00 pm every night I get a bug to start intensely cleaning my house. And I am talking ripping everything apart and pulling everything from cabinets, closets, drawers, etc…. I started in my master bedroom. I have a pretty big walk in closet that was so full of stuff, it wasn’t quite worthy of being called a “walk in”. Everything from a whole bed set, baskets of clothes (I don’t own a dresser, but will be investing very soon), luggage, shoes, and tons of military crap of the hubs! So I seriously emptied the closet down to nothing but the clothes on the hangers. After putting it all back together and organized right, I had 5 bags of items for the goodwill. Yes, 5 freakin bags of stuff we don’t use! Did I say 5 bags!!! I still can’t believe it! Most of it were clothes that neither of us have worn in years. But the biggest being a bed set that we never use anymore after I got us a new one.

Next came the master bathroom. The bathroom itself didn’t need spring cleaning, but the cabinets…. yeah, they really needed it. We have double sinks and the whole counter/cabinet area is connected. So it’s 4 cabinets and three large drawers separating the cabinets in the middle. I went through all of them and had a good size bag of nothing but products that were either almost empty, or we just never use them. I found things I forgot I even owned. But since I haven’t useImaged them in forever, I threw them out too.

Next came my spare bedroom. This room has been being used by my grandmother since last October. She just left to go back home to Michigan on Wednesday, so I decided to rip everything out of the closet and throw more crap out. This is usually my craft room. But since she has been here, it’s been her room. So I got this closet so nice and organized and threw out two boxes of stuff and made a pile full of stuff to sell. Man the things I had that I forgot about that will bring in some mula! Score for me! Oh, and I also found a tuppaware bowl with a $100 bill in it.. Wahoo! Looks like someone was trying to hide money and forgot about it, lol. I’m sure it was the hubs, so I won’t keep it. But it was still a shocking find.

And last (till this weekend) is Tyler’s room. Let me just tell ya a little about this room. To the eye, it was clean and organized… till you moved a few things around and opened the closet and drawers. I found clothes stuffed in places I didn’t think you could stuff them, I found items that I didn’t even know he owned, and just stuff in every place he could have possibly stuffed it. What poses’ kids to do this? Thankfully I didn’t find any food or anything. He is not allowed to eat in his room, but I wouldn’t put it past him to sneak a midnight snack in there from time to time.

So now that those rooms are done, it’s off to the spare bathroom for some painting, and tidying up the family room, living room, dining room and kitchen. Then it’s the big project… the garage! I have already started on it, but it is certainly not finished. I want to put my big stand up freezer in there, but the hubs toys and tools are all up in the way in there. Time to organize that thing like no other! And it’s time to invest in a shed that locks and will fit all his damn toys in it!


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