Wedding cake madness!

Do any of you know how hard it is to choose your wedding cake? I really thought it would be cut and dry, but boy was I wrong. I have been searching and searching for “the” cake. I don’t want just any cake, I want a cake that I love! I have found so many cakes that I really like, but not one particular one that I “love”.

After speaking with several cake designers, I think I have finally come up with a cake that I am going to love. Pretty much I have taken several designs that I like a lot, and made them into one that I think I will love. Of course I cannot find one like the vision I am having, but what I have come up with just looks amazing in my head.

So now that I have picked out my design, it’s time to choose flavors of cake and fillings… oh, and frosting type. The lady that is making my cake has sent me a ton of flavor and filling ideas. When I seen the list, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t realize there was so much you could do. So now I need to pick a handful of these to test and then make my decision. Anyone have any suggestions? As for the frosting, that was a no brainer… buttercream all the way. Though fondant can make for one beautiful cake, it sure does taste like poo if you ask me. And I am a cake LOVER!! So ain’t nobody got time fo no poo tastin cake at my wedding!

I have a mixture of all of the cakes below as my cake design. One layer will be rosettes, one layer ruffles, and another layer will be a filigree design. The cake will also be ombre colored. The darker color will start at the bottom and work it’s way to the top. I can’t wait to see how nice this cake turns out. Now to find a cake topper!!

Rosette Wedding Cake, wish my cake turned out betterWhite Filigree Cake. I like the designs on this cake, especially the second tier.Ombre Ruffles Wedding Cake


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