Week 14

Another week closer to my love being home… Counting down the weeks now! We are roughly 6 to 7 weeks away from being back in the comfort of each others arms and it certainly cannot come soon enough! But as usual, I am making the best of things while we are still apart! Though it just seems to get harder emotionally, I know I am strong enough to get through this last stretch of weeks ahead of me.

Week 14 was pretty laid back until the weekend. I spent most of the week riding my pony and getting her worked and in shape since barrel racing season is in full swing. She was such an angel all week and is really feeling good. Other than that though, I spent lots of time working and some wedding planning of course.

The weekend came and it was full of barrel racing and wedding shopping! Saturday I was up at 5:00am to get ready for our annual Cracker Day rodeo that I attend every year. It’s always such an adventure there too. The yahoo’s that come out of the wood works are so very entertaining. It really is fun to sit back and watch people. I always participate in the barrel racing portion. This was my second year there on my new horse. Last year we hit two barrel, this year we hit one. Hopefully next year we will hit none, lol. In poor Stitchy’s defense, it’s a tough ground for her to get through. She is a tiny thing and that is some DEEP ground. And, we are still learning each other when it comes to new ground. And this year I was first out and they never announced anything about it almost being time for the barrel racing and they kept changing the order of events around. So when it was my turn to go, I was rushed because they never announced anything, just said my name, lol. So needless to say, I had no time to even think. I jumped on my horse and just ran right in. Next time though, I will take my time a little more so I can collect myself. It’s already nerve racking when you are competing, but even worse when it’s a hot mess like that was. After that was over, I hauled over to another show and had a much better run on my girl and felt a million times better.

On Sunday I met up with my mom, grandmother and bridesmaids to go dress shopping. We successfully picked out everyone’s dresses including my mom and two nieces. I still have two bridesmaids left to get their dresses as one lives out of state and the other was out of town. I loved seeing the girls try on dresses. It really was so much fun and they all looked amazing in their choices. I told all my girls that I only had two requirements. The dress had to be long and a specific color. Other than that, I wanted them to find a dress that flattered them and they felt comfortable in. I was worried we wouldn’t successfully find everyone a dress, but we did. We all walked out with smiles on our faces šŸ™‚ Now all we have left is to find the menswear and for me to take my two mother in law’s out shopping to find their dresses!

I have really been enjoying planning this wedding and it’s really been pretty stress free too. But I am sure the stress will be finding me sooner or later. I need to get my butt in gear and finish these centerpieces and stuff before the hubs comes home because I am sure he will be requiring 99% of my time and attention for a while. But I will gladly give him all of it that he wants. Man I can’t wait for him to be home! Eeekkkk!!!


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