What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Every 'lil bit countsAny of you have that one person in your life that does everything in their power to try and break you down and make you miserable? Maybe you have more than one person, but I am sure at some point in life you have encountered someone like this. Maybe even several people. Well for some years now I have had someone that apparently has a vendetta against me. At times this person finds others to jump on the bandwagon, but they don’t usually stay for long. Especially once they see this person for who they really are. But a few have strung along rearing their very ugly head at times.

So how are we supposed to handle these people that come in our lives? Ignore them? Kill them with kindness? Shove them off a bridge? Though they all sound fine and dandy, it seems only one would really remove them from your life indefinitely, but also land you in the slammer unfortunately. Though I normally lean towards the “ignore them” option, you can only ignore things for so long before you have to address it at some point. I mean, I guess you really never have to address it and can go on ignoring it forever. But as humans, we are not usually wired that way. We all have feelings and emotions, and sometimes in order to make those feelings and emotions feel better, we have to address certain situations that arise. It just has to be done or it eats at us till we explode and things get worse.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except for bears, bears will kill you.Personally, I am a talker. I want to always try and solve an issue by talking about it. I don’t like to ignore issues because it just gets bottled up inside me and then I explode down the road! And when that happens, it’s not a pretty picture. When I was younger, I would tear you down as far as I could when I was in the “explode” mode and I could be very mean when pushed to that point! But now it takes a lot to get me there honestly.

Over the years I have been put in some very trying situations. These situations have truly taught me to be a stronger person for sure. Most people in my life don’t know the old me and find it hard to believe that I could ever be like I used to be. But there have been a few times that some have seen the old me come out. That is why I say that one can only take so much. I can handle so much more than I could in the past, but the old me is still in there. She just chooses to only come out and play when she REALLY has to!


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