12 weeks down, who knows how many more to go!

Week 12 is in the record books. What a week it was too. I started the registration for the annual pageant that I host in town this week, and we are really hoping for a great turnout! Our registration is open all the way up until we have our first practice, so the girls have a little while. But until then, we have all sorts of stuff that goes on to prep. This year we were not funded near as much as in the past by the city, so we will be working extra hard to get our funds this year. And of course, as we always do, we will succeed.

This past weekend I attended our district NBHA barrel race. I woke up that morning thinking that I really didn’t want to drive over an hour just to go to a barrel race, but once I was up, I was up and ready to go. It was a hot day and I wasn’t sure how well Stitch and I were going to do since we had never run at this arena. But my girl and I had a super smokin run that day and took home a 1st place win in the 3D and a big fat check. I couldn’t believe we did so good. My nerves were on edge as the last few riders rode because we all know how things can change with a blink of an eye when it comes to these shows. But we stood strong and placed 33 out of 136 riders total as well. My horse truly has a heart of gold and I am so thankful that we are finally starting to click! I am one lucky girl to have such a great mare. Really hoping to breed her next year and get a great prospect out of her. With her bloodlines and some of the amazing studs out there, my options are limitless. Choosing is going to be the hard part!

So going into week 13, I have a billion things I need to do at home and Easter to get ready for. Oh, and some horsey ridin. Can’t not do any of that! 🙂 Have a great week y’all.


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