Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting!

This morning was a big morning for me. I haven’t spoke of this, but I have been having an issue with one of my arms and have finally gotten an answer to the problem. Almost two months ago I decided to paint the entryway of my house. It’s not a huge area, but I have vaulted ceilings, so there is more area to paint than leads the eye. The day after painting, I started having an aching pain in my right elbow and forearm. I just thought it was sore from painting and figured it would go away. Well, after a month and a half of horrible pain that only seemed to be getting worse, I paid a visit to my Dr. The Dr. said it sound like I had strained my tendon, which in medical terms is echo… blah blah blah or Tendonitis. But she couldn’t confirm that without an MRI.

The following day I was scheduled for an x-ray and then an MRI a few days later. Apparently your insurance won’t cover an MRI without an x-ray first. Well, at lest mine wont. But that was ok, the x-ray was 100% covered with no co-pay. However, that damn MRI was a $200 co-pay. I was NOT happy about that. Especially after I found out that it would only cost $350 to pay for it out of my pocket. But of course the imaging center charges my insurance company an outrageous amount which in turn makes my co-pay outrageous.

Anyhow, I had the MRI done and today I got my results. As expected, I have tendonitis. The only things that help this are physical therapy and rest. Well, we all know I have an issues with “resting” anything. My life is just way too busy to try and “rest” my arm. She also suggested steroids. I could either do them orally, which aren’t super effective, or as a shot right in the tendon. I ended up opting for the shot because I want whatever it takes to make this better faster. But, I was freaked out because I HATE HATE HATE needles. Did I mention I HATE needles? And this one was a big one that had to go all the way in that tendon and I don’t even want to know how many cc’s of that crap they put in there. All I know is I now have a big squishy lump on my elbow with that junk in there. It’s slowly going down, but it still looks and feels freaky!

So here I am with a jacked up elbow, 8 bags of feed to unload tonight, a horse that needs worked, a yard that needs mowed, and tons of other things that require using my “strong” arm. But noooo, I am supposed to “rest” it. Anyone want to come do all of the above for me? Well, at least unload the feed and mow my lawn? Hopefully I will be back in action soon. I will definitely be recruiting some help from my cousin that offered a while back for sure. And everything else I will be trying to do left handed. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting!

  1. I feel your pain šŸ˜¦ I either have a torn rotator cuff and/or underlying nerve damage which was angered by tearing my shoulder last year. It’s frustrating as hell. Some days its fine and others it makes me want to curl up and stay in bed until its done with. Advice…DO WHATEVER THE DOCTORS TELL YOU lol rest it, don’t put extra stress and strain on it, slow down because otherwise it will just get worse and worse. I hope you (and it) feel better really soon

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