Every accomplishement starts with the decision to try!

As most of you know, I had host a benefit barrel race to raise money to send packages over to my husbands unit that is currently deployed. It was a HUGE success! Of course, just as any benefit, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this event. Ok, so not so much blood, but a hell of a lot of sweat and tears.

So this past weekend I put together a big family picnic for the families of those deployed. I used a portion of the proceeds made from the benefit to put this together. We had everything from supplied to decorate boxes to fill with items to send the troops, tie dye shirts, bracelet making stuff, coloring supplies, adult crafts, a water slide, and some oh so delicious food and desert.

We weren’t sure how the turnout would be as a lot of people had other plans with spring break and such, but it ended up being bigger than expected. I think we ended up with around 40 people including kids. I met so many new people and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. So many people have complimented on how well it was organized and how much they appreciated having the opportunity to get together and meet other spouses. I was truly taken back by the gratitude of those that attended.

So again, another very successful event under my belt. Though I am very proud of this accomplishment, I am more honored to have been able to do this in support of our men and women that risk their lives on a daily basis and their families that stand behind them knowing that any day could be their last. We are some tough cookies having to go through what we go through. But of course, what doesn’t kill us, certainly makes us stronger!!!


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