Week 10

Week 10 has come and gone. This was a bitter sweet week for me as it was my stepson’s birthday and we had to celebrate without the hubs 😦 We made the best of it thought. The beginning of the week was pretty low key for me. Lots of work and wedding planning. Gave my horse the week off as well, so she was happy with her extra R&R last week. But it’s game time now. Gotta step it up and get in shape for our upcoming shows in a few weeks.

These boys gave me a run for my money this weekend. Had a blast with them!

Wednesday was a stressful day for me. Mostly emotional. For some reason every time my husband leaves for an extended period of time, certain people like to add a little extra stress on me with their spiteful ways. But fortunately I am strong enough to not let them break me down. Of course it affects me to an extent, but I always get past it with a smile on my face. And I smile because I know I am better than these people and remind myself that in the long run, they are only hurting themselves. I have found that if you let people truly get to you to the point of breaking down, they have won. And I refuse to let that happen. I am truly too good for that!!

Photo: Started the birthday festivities with some Fro-Yo sugar high fun!So on Wednesday I picked up my stepson from my mother in law and started my spring break visit with him. This lead into his birthday weekend. We had tons of fun with sleep over’s, movies, shopping for new toys, go carts, put put golf, Monkey Joe’s, arcade games, sushi (little man’s favorite), and even a little get together with family and friends for cake and ice cream. We originally planned to have big birthday party, but with spring break and so many people being out of town, we changed plans and just did a whole bunch of things. One of the little boys that stayed all weekend was so wore out, his mom said he was passed out before his bed time when he got home. So I would say it was a success!

Photo: Happy 8th birthday to this little love of mine! I can't believe how fast 8 years have flown by. Love you to the moon and back! Looking forward to many many more years with this handsome dude!

Happy 8th birthday to my favorite little man ever! Love this dude more than he knows!

Now going into week 11, I am jam packed with meetings, shopping, horses, work, and of course my regular daily duties! Next weekend is also the big family picnic that I have been planning for all of the family members of the deployed. I can’t wait to see everyone and meet some new faces. Should be a blast!


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