Eat, Drink and Be Re-Married!

ImageWedding planning is in full force over here! About a month ago we picked our venue which I have already blogged about. But even then nothing felt secure! Being our first wedding was small and all of the plans to have the big wedding after fell through, I was constantly worried about this one falling through as well. But I have shockingly been on a roll and everything is coming together nicely.

A few weeks ago I put down the deposit for the venue, but even at that point reality hadn’t set in. It wasn’t until I hired the DJ and started making my centerpieces for the tables. I am uber excited about my DJ as he is a local country stations morning DJ and came HIGHLY recommended. He was a little more than most of the others I spoke with, but he is apparently who everyone who is anyone uses and they all rave about him. Plus, you get what you pay for and in my opinion, the DJ is one of the biggest essentials to your wedding.

Photo: Started making the center pieces for Chris and I's vow renewal. I am in love!!!

The start of my centerpieces!

So I am going for a shabby chic and vintage feel. The wedding is in the fall, so we are using some fall colors as well. Back when I was originally planning the wedding, I picked out ivory, champagne, brown and shades of greens. I have decided to stick with these colors as I had already purchased lots of stuff for my tables already and I just LOVE the colors together. And they never go out of style.

Yesterday I did a little wedding shopping and picked up two mason jar drink dispensers, lace ribbon, burlap and flowers to start my centerpieces. I played with some of the stuff last night and am so excited for my centerpieces. I still have stuff to add to them and need to make a filler for the jars, but the start of them is just perfect to me. I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to making things as I always feel like no one can do it like I want it, so that is why I am starting on these so early. 

ImageI have decided to do artificial flowers for several reasons. The biggest one being that I can make them now and not worry about them dying. But also because I can sell them in the end, they are reasonably priced, and I don’t have to worry about any of the flowers being in season. Some of my flowers will be homemade (by muah of course), and made out of fabrics and paper. I am so in love with the idea of making flowers out of burlap, old newspaper, craft paper, etc. It gives you endless options!

Also, I have sent out my save the dates! That right there made this whole thing finally feel official! Now the anxiety and butterflies have taken over my body!


7 thoughts on “Eat, Drink and Be Re-Married!

  1. Whoop whoop! How exciting 🙂 love your centrepieces too 🙂 I made mine – but then we only had one table at our wedding ha ha. I used a giant wine glass and filled it with beads and fabric flowers (same as my bouquet) and then put my bouquet in the top when we sat down to eat – turned out alright lol – not that anyone noticed 😉

    • Sounds cute! I have to make 30 mason jar arrangements just for my tables!! Gonna be a lot of work. But well worth it! I want to add pearls into the mix too. Man do I love some pearls! I went out shopping a little today looking for an old vintage box that I have a vision in my head for. I have so many ideas and don’t know where to start at times… Eeeekkk! But I know in the end that it will all come together beautifully! I have almost everything booked aside from the photographer. Having a hard time deciding on who I want. It’s so hard when you do photography on your own because you become super picky. And I hate to spend money to have someone edit my photos when I can do it myself. But you should never tell a photographer that because it’s rude. And I understand that fully. Decisions decisions… no fun!

      • Ha ha I’m sure it will be tempting to grab the camera and take some yourself on the day anyway 😉 isn’t it hard when editing photos of yourself though?id much rather someone else did it for me otherwise is end up looking like Barbie and nothing like me lol

      • That’s the difference between me and you (or any photographer) I guess lol. I used to play around on photo shop but when it came to photos of other people aside from lighting etc I couldn’t see anything if want changing, with photos of me I’d end up looking completely different lol.

        I bet you’re excited though aren’t you? I’m excited for you lol eeeek! 🙂

      • I honestly can’t tell you how very excited I am. All of the ideas I have are becoming a reality as I put them together. I went home for lunch today to pick up my laptop that I forgot, and found myself grabbing some of my stuff for decorations and making things while I was there. It’s an addiction for me to craft and be creative. Once the juices start flowing, I just can’t stop, lol. I come from a very crafty and artistic family and was fortunate enough to get those genes. And I enjoy every bit of it as well! Once I have the centerpiece finished, I will send you a pic of it.

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