Week 9

Week 9 had to have been the worse of all the weeks so far. I spent more than half of this week laid up in bed with the flu and then ended it with an issue with my leg and can hardly walk. Looks like I’m going into week 10 with this issue as well and most likely will have to pay a visit to the doctor if something doesn’t change real soon. From lack of sleep, aches and pains, this week was horrible and not much to write about.

The only good thing that came out of this week was my horse show. However, even that had it’s downs. I laid down a pretty good run on my girl, but would have been much better had I not caught my saddle horn on my bra and ripped it in half… as I came out of my first barrel. So needless to say, I had two more barrels to turn with my girls having a party in my shirt and me trying to settle them down. But on a positive note, we had a pretty nice run anyways and I can’t complain too much. And now I have an excuse to go shopping!!

I am taking week 10 by the horns and going into it full force with a positive attitude knowing that this will be better than last week. It has to!!! Or I will cry! Oh wait, I already do that often… Damn deployment emotions! Have a great week everyone. Just remember, things could always be worse even when you think they can’t!


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