Week 8 – Halfway There!!!

Looking for more #quotes, quotes for teenagers, life #quote, cute life quote, and more. CLICK -> 4uquotesru.com - Daily 4uquotesru Love Quotes TumblrSo we have made it to the halfway point in this deployment. So far things have been very up and down for me. My emotions have been tested in several occasions, I have been wearing my heart on my sleeve way more than usual, and I have also had some of the best and most accomplished moments I have ever had so far. So to say this deployment has been bad, it hasn’t. To say it has been good, well it hasn’t either. It’s just been so so. Things could be better, and things could certainly be worse.

Today is one of my not so good days. Every little thing is getting to me. Thinking that it’s ONLY halfway over makes me sad. I am ready for it to just be over now. Ready to have my husband here and me be in his arms. Ready to take a vacation and enjoy our time together as a family. And just plain ready to see his face!

Last week was as usual, a busy one. I had a short week as I was attending the annual NBHA Shamrock Showdown barrel race in Jacksonville with some of my friends. It’s a fun long weekend of barrel racing (my favorite thing to do). We were all so close to winning money, yet it seemed so far away. I would have won over $400 the first day, but one girl came in towards the end and smoked everyone by two tenths of a second. That may not sound like much, but it is in the barrel racing world.I hope chey will love horses and want to barrel race still when she's older

I pretty much spent week 8 working, with friends and with my horse doing what we love. Now I am trucking on into week 9 with lots of wedding planning in store. Also, it’s time for me to put together pageant stuff for the annual Miss Lake Helen Pageant that I host every year. Sadly I am not as excited about it this year. I just have so much going on that it’s last on my mind. But I know that once I see the girls, I will be right back into as usual.

Stay tuned for week 9….


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