Week 7

Yep, another week down and still not even halfway through this deployment. Even though it’s not quite halfway over, it seems like it is flying by. I guess I just wasn’t busy enough last deployment. As for this one, busy is an understatement! One thing I am looking forward to most when the hubs gets home is a vacation. We have been talking about where to go and what to do. And the choices are endless to say the least. Since we are planning a wedding in the middle of all of this, we really don’t want to spend too much money. We will also be taking the little man along this year, so it needs to be kid friendly as well.

So week 7…. what happened in week 7? Well, I spent most of it either at work or with the horses. Some of it was also spent wedding planning, but for the most part I was working, riding and playing in my new trailer. I cleaned that thing from top to bottom. Hung things up in the dressing room, organized my tack, and even hung up some cute western decor inside.

The highlight of the week was getting the new hitch installed in my truck. Even though I had to sit at the trailer place for 4 hours, I was happy to wait. Of course the second I got home I hooked her up and took her for a drive. I’m pretty sure I had a smile on my face the whole time too. Yesterday the little man and I loaded up his 4-wheeler and my horse and spent the day at a friend of mines. I am sure he slept well last night with all of the adventures the boys had on the trails. I just love seeing him have so much fun enjoying the outdoors.

Welp, heading into week 8 with a short work week and an extra long weekend full of barrel racing up in Jacksonville with all my girls. So ready for the shamrock and fun with all my favorite people! I am sure I will have a lot to tell in week 8’s blog. Stay tuned….


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