Melting my heart!

Ringo – 8 weeks old

If you haven’t already read about my dogs, then you are in for a treat. I have to say that I am pretty sure I have two of the best looking dogs around. Although they are cuter than anything, don’t let their looks deceive you! However, if they weren’t this stinkin cute, they would have been booted out a long time ago.

Merle – 8 weeks old

Ringo is my almost 2 year old mini Aussie. He isn’t near as devious as his brother, but he has his moments. Ringo is what they call a red merle, hence his red colors. Out of the two, he is taller, long legs and a thin build. Everywhere we go, people tell me how pretty “she” is… I think he get’s embarrassed when people call him a girl to. He is a little more reserved and protective. He doesn’t just allow anyone to walk up to him and pet him. He has never bitten, but he will move away if you come in at him. If you stand there for a minute though, he will warm up and be your best friend. He is also a little more timid around kids. Again, he has never bitten, but I wouldn’t put it past him as they scare him.

Ringo – 1 year old

Merle is my year old mini Aussie. He just turned a year old in February. He is the pest, instigator, jealous one, and will do anything for your attention. He is also a fat little porker! He’s not one for cuddling like Ringo is, but the second he see’s Ringo cuddling, he moves in and takes over (jealous brat). He is a blue merle. Some people look and him and say he looks creepy because he has a very blue eye and a very dark brown eye. Plus he has dark colors, so that blue eye really stands out! Merle loves EVERYONE! He is also a licker. He even licks the cats. Merle doesn’t listen as well as Ringo, though we are working on that. He has to go out on a leash because that little jerk will run from here to kingdom come while you chase him. I am pretty sure I heard him laugh at me once too.

Ringo almost 2 & Merle 1 year old

But even though my boys can be pesky little brats sometimes, I can’t help but love their sweet faces and cuddle with them every chance I get. Even if it is for 2 seconds with Mo man. Ringo gives the sweetest looks when he lays his head on your shoulder while cuddling, and Merle, well he is just so stinking cute you can’t help but love him. And it is so hard to believe that they are a whole year older now. Man how time flies.


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