You’re my favorite reason to lose sleep!

Waiting is so hard but i'll spend as much time alone as i have to if that means getting to spend the rest of my life with you #quoteI know I have mentioned before about how my emotions are just up and down these days. Well so is my sleep. So not only do I cry at the drop of a hat or when I hear most sad songs, I am lacking sleep as well. You would think that on the weekend when I have a little time to sleep in, I would. Oh wait, I don’t have time to sleep in, not even on the weekends lately! But even when I do find a little extra time to sleep in or go to bed early, my mind races or I am just wide awake and can’t seem to get that extra sleep. I know this is all due to me having a million things on my plate due to being all alone and having no one to help with my daily duties.

I am not one to ask for help, though I literally have friends and family knocking my door down to help. I am just the kind of person that would rather do it myself, even if it’s going to cause me to lose sleep or stress out. Some of the things I have acquired since my husband deployed is yard duty (mowing, watering the lawn, picking up debris after a storm, fixing fences if they need it, etc.), washing the vehicles, oil changes, washing the dogs, fixing things in the house, taking care of my stepson, and I am sure I am missing a few things.

WRONG. It's part of WHO HE IS. It's not a hobby. You will get tired of it and want him to quit. If you can't accept this part of him, don't cause further grief and future divorce cuz you "didn't choose this life." Bullshit.So on top of my already busy life, I have all of that as well. Not that I am really complaining, because I love to stay busy, but it would be nice to have a little down time at some point. Though I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Especially since I will be starting to work on the annual Miss Lake Helen/Cassadaga pageant that I have been doing for the past 5 years. So things are actually about to get WAY busier for me really. But again, I love staying busy. I think my life would be pretty boring if I didn’t stay so busy really! And it’s all worth doing while my love is deployed and fighting for my freedom to be able to do all the fun and adventurous things that keep me busy!


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