Week 6

Welp, week six has come and gone. It was quite an exciting week as I officially purchased my very first horse trailer! For the past 5 years I have been fortunate enough to use a friend of mines trailer. But it was just time for me to suck it up and buy one of my own. I couldn’t be any happier with my purchase and have already been making it all cozy and homey inside πŸ™‚ My horse seems to be a little claustrophobic in the little two horse trailer that I have been using, so hopefully she will feel better having more room now.

I still have to get a hitch installed in my truck, so I have five more days until I can start pulling this beauty. Words can’t describe how happy I am! Eventually I will install an air conditioner and a generator. But for now, it’s perfect!

Also this week I officially booked my venue and DJ for our vow renewal. I am so excited because my DJ is one of the local country station’s DJ’s and he came very highly recommended from so many people in the area. And I love listening to him on the radio. He promises that he will keep the party on their toes. And if you know my family, you know that they will probably keep the DJ on his toes, lol.

This past weekend was our little guys pinewood derby and blue and gold banquet for his scout pack. I wasn’t able to attend his derby due to prior engagements, but I was able to attend his banquet along with my amazing mother in law and brother in law. They came with me for moral support. It’s not always easy for me to attend these functions alone. Especially when my emotions have been so up and down with so many things going on. But as always, they were there for me.

So now I am going into week 7. So hard to believe that six weeks have flown by this fast. I am so happy it’s flying by and my love will be home sooner than later. Been missing him like crazy lately. But staying busy is surely helping me through it.


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