Race for the Troops – Benefit Barrel Race

Just a small section of the raffle table that brought in close to $1000!

It’s been just over a week since the Race for the Troops benefit show and things are finally slowing down a little. And of course I say that lightly because I still have a ton of shopping to do with all this money and a box filling party to organize. So needless to say, this project is far from over. But no matter how much of my time this takes up, it’s all worth it in the end just to be able to help these soldiers while they are deployed.

Setting up the raffle table

So, the show was a major success!!! The turnout was more than I could ask for, and the support was even better. I couldn’t walk two feet without someone stopping me and asking me what they could help with, or thanking me for hosting such a great event. Every little detail about this event was flawless. Registration ran smoothly, the announcer kept the show going smoothly, our tractor drivers were fast and efficient, and the raffle table was constantly busy for over 4 hours before we did the drawing. Not a single person complained, and everyone was happy with it all.

Christine (USAF Soldier) and her CCI puppy Sissy during the National Anthem

The show started at noon with our pee wee riders. We had 12 in our pee wee division and they all got to take home a trophy that was donated by Mercedes Premier Homes. The kids were so ecstatic about their trophies. Most of them even carried them around all day long showing them off. One little boy even walked around with his singing a song about how much he loved his trophy. It was so stinkin adorable. Then we went into our open division which had 143 riders. Being we had $1000 added, the payout was fantastic. First place in the 1D took home $299. And everyone was happy with the payout too. Heck, if I took home $299, I would be happy too!

How cute is this little cowgirl and her trophy!

After the open we went into the youth division and then poles. Both classes were fairly large and had added money as well. Those checks were also pretty decent. As everyone came to get their checks from me, they congratulated me on a job well done. Not that I could take all of the credit though. If it wasn’t for my amazing friends stepping up to help out at the show, it wouldn’t have been such a success. And if it wasn’t for Shawn and Deborah Britton that own King Palm Ranch in NSB, I wouldn’t have even been able to have the show. The multitude of people that stepped up was just amazing and I don’t think I could ever thank them all enough.

So I am sure you all are wondering how much money this show made huh? Well, after everything was paid for, we profited $2600. As I was counting the money, I was just taken away. All of this because of the support that was given on this day. More support than one could ever ask for! I want to take this time to thank everyone that stepped up to help with all of this and to the sponsors as well. If it wasn’t for everyone involved, this would have never been such a success!


6 thoughts on “Race for the Troops – Benefit Barrel Race

    • I am very proud, but more honored. It was worth every ounce of stress that came with it for sure. And yes, my hubs is very proud. I am the only one of all the spouses that have stepped up to do anything for them like this and he is happy to show that off.

      • Good for you! (Again lol) personally I am nowhere near confident enough to set up anything like this- not yet anyway. It’s my first american base and It all seems rather “clique -y” here but hopefully by the time he deploys I will have made some contacts and I can take inspiration from your endeavours 🙂

      • What branch is your husband in? Yes, I have noticed that it is very Clique-y on the base. I have never lived on base and actually live just over an hour from base. So I don’t have to worry about things like that thank goodness. However, I am friends with many of the other wives, and some do live on base. But it took a while to “weed” out the people that were more drama than they were friends. Sadly, you will always have that too. There is always the one that knows everyone and everything about them and the one that thinks they know everything about the military too. But you will learn who they are and you just keep them at arms length. It’s easier that way 😉

        I have only been doing this for going on 5 years, but in just 5 years I have learned sooo much. I enjoy the military life and especially enjoy being able to do things to help those that help us in more ways than they should have to. You will find the confidence to do things the more comfortable you get with this life and the people in it.

      • Good to know 🙂 He is in the air force – I haven’t lived on base yet either but I’ve joined some of the wives groups on fb etc where they answer questions and post information etc but god they are SO bitchy! You ask one question as a newbie and they practically bite your head off for asking rather than looking on the site and trawling through outdated pages time and time again…but then they will happily answer questions from more established/liked members about the best place to get a hair cut…. erm…?

        They often have threads and threads of drama, people saying theyre going to start a new ‘drama free’ wives group which is ‘invite only’ and then having to block comments because this starts another argument….It’s unbelievable and SO unwelcoming. So far I have managed to avoid getting involved but there have been times where I have been snapped at with a really sarcastic reply where I thought about saying something to shut them up but instead just left them to it and smiled and thanked them *urgh*

        Luckily I have met one or two nice ones whom have pointed me towards some secret -non bitchy- groups and taken me under their wing a little. Im still looking forward to making some friends outside of the base and getting to a point where I know enough – or at least have the resources to find stuff out for myself

        rant over ha ha sorry

      • Rant away girlfriend! Everyone needs to rant sometimes. What base is your husband stationed at and what does he do? My husband is AF too. He is a crew chief at Patrick AFB in Cocoa Beach FL. He is in the reserves though. We love it because he doesn’t have to move bases at all. And we get a free hotel on the beach one weekend a month when he has his reserve duty weekend. I have also been able to travel on trips with him to Key West and Hawaii. So many benefits to take advantage of. And don’t worry about the bitches, you will find who is worth being friends with in time. Even if it’s only a select few. Sometimes it’s easier to just have a select few good friends.

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