Bells will be ringing!

This is where our ceremony will be held

This September will mark my husband and I’s 5th wedding anniversary. When we originally got married, we didn’t have time to plan a full out wedding. He was leaving for the Air Force boot camp less than a month after he proposed and (shockingly) he wanted to get married before he left. So we planned a little ceremony at my bosses house with just our parents and our best friends. It was an interesting day to say the least, but we pushed through the “interesting” moments and tied the knot. Our plan was to have a wedding after he finished tech school, but things happened and we had to use the money for more important matters at the time.

One of the cottages

After several years, we decided that we would renew our vows for our 5 year anniversary, and this year just so happens to be the year. Just this month I have started getting into the swing of planning and am getting really excited. Last Sunday my grandmother, mother, stepson and I all went to visit aΒ potential venue for the wedding. I had seen this venue through some photos a friend of mine shot of a wedding there, and then told another friend that got married last year to check it out, and she got married there as well. Of course we all fell in love with this place and have booked it for our venue. The name of the venue is Swor Cottage and is located on the beautiful Lake of Lake Weir in Marion County FL. It is just over an hour away from where we live, but even if that detours others from attending, it’s just to beautiful to pass up.

My friend Ashley and her husband Ryan who had their wedding here as well.

Swor Cottage is 10 acres of beautiful Florida everything. From huge oak tress that are hundreds of years old, to the beautiful water of the crystal clear lake that is sits on. When you rent this venue, you not only get the beautiful scenery and landscape, you get 2 cottages that sleep up to 15 people in beds for 4 whole days. It also includes an additional acre for camping. There is also a beautiful boat house along with a beach area with beach sand all the way down to the water. They provide many of the items you will need including tables, dinnerware, a sound system and so much more. If you want to have a bon fire every night you are there, they even provide the firewood for that as well.

My favorite photo that I will certainly be trying to replicate!

The owners of this location were so very inviting and made me feel so comfortable about the decision I had made to chose this venue. I had looked at several other venues that were just as pretty, but were thousands of dollars more to rent. So that was also a selling factor as well. I am looking forward to finally walking down the isle with my daddy to the man I have loved for 8 years now! What I am not looking forward to is the stress of planning a wedding though. But I am sure I will make it through it and it will be an amazing day just as I have always envisioned!


10 thoughts on “Bells will be ringing!

    • But of course! Every girl dreams of walking down the isle and I certainly was never going to let that dream be crushed! If that is a dream you have always had, you should make it happen one of these days too. It will definitely be worth it! πŸ™‚

      • Absolutely πŸ™‚ to be honest I had never really had the whole white wedding dream but after having the quick one and crushing my FAMILIES dreams of seeing me have a big day I realised that it was something I wanted for us too. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and work with what you have … And then go back and do it all over again – just because you can πŸ˜‰

      • Absolutely! And there is also a right time too. I had a hard time getting into planning and when we were originally supposed to have our wedding. And I think it was because it wasn’t financially the right time. Not everything feels right and it’s so much easier to make decisions. You will know when the time is right πŸ™‚

      • Yep, that is why I bit the bullet and started planning. Financially it’s still a struggle, but I am working my butt off to do side jobs to make extra money to pay for it πŸ™‚

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