Week three..

Well, week three has come and gone. It has been so crazy busy that I almost forgot to write on here. For week three, I spent most of it working, riding, trying out new saddles for my horse and even picked out my new horse trailer! I was also awarded a hefty raise at work, so I instantly was on the hunt for a new ride for my pony. Next is adding a goose neck hitch to the beast and we will be ridin in style. So excited to have a horse trailer that I can use for the horses, 4-wheelers, motorcycle and even camp in it!

Now it’s on like donkey kong going into week four. The benefit horse show is this week, and there are a gazillion things to be done. So with that said, I am off to get things done. Be back after all the madness to fill you all in on how well things go with the benefit! Toodles for now!

In about a week, this will be my new ride for the pony’s!
The King Ranch, AKA the Beast, will be looking mighty fine with this behind her!
They see me rollin, they hatin!


4 thoughts on “Week three..

    • Thanks! I was very happy about the raise! I have been paying off bills and have really needed to purchase a new horse trailer since I am just borrowing one now. I was hesitant because I am so cautious about what I spend my money on. So I am feeling much better being I got the raise. It’s a good feeling when your hard work pays off.

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