Week 1 down

I can honestly admit that I knew it'd be hard but not THIS hard. Deployment strong is no light weight strength! Turns the girls into women and helps you wake up each morning saying I GOT THIS!So the first week of deployment is over. I have managed to keep myself busy with work, the horses, preparing for the horse show and even a fun trip to Universal and Islands of Adventure with my nephew. Sad part is, I have been neglecting my house. I finally did laundry last night and vacuumed yesterday morning before work. But I still need to clean bathrooms and tidy up a bit more. Maybe I will get to that tonight after my evening ride… but it’s not looking promising, lol.

So my husband made it to his destination just fine with a few stops on the way. They had bathroom trouble on their fist plane that was to take them to Spain, so they switched planes in NC before heading to Spain. They got to spend a day there, and then headed to their destination the following evening. While he was in Spain, we were able to face time. I forgot that if he had wifi, we would be able to face time. So needless to say, we face time several times a day. Sometimes I HATE the convenience of technology, but right now I am more than grateful. Being able to see his face every night before bed makes us being apart a little easier.

quote about deployments but could be about leaving a child behind for the job...? For Dani about J.So now we are well on our way into our 2nd week with sooo many more to go. The first week went by pretty fast, so hopefully it will continue on this same path for the duration of this deployment. I have so many things planned while he is gone thanks to the amazing benefits we are being given while they are gone. So many trips to Disney, Universal, Discovery Cove, Sea World, Bush Gardens, and soooo much more! So we should have no problem staying busy and entertained that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 down

  1. I haven’t endured our first deployment yet so I can’t imagine how strange it must feel – despite reading the books about it lol. It sounds like you’re keeping busy and thank god for facetime! 🙂

    • It’s definitely not easy, but face time helps tremendously! Hopefully if and when you have to go through this, you will have the same technological opportunities for communication.

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