Race for the Troops

About a month ago I started organizing a benefit barrel race to raise money and items for care packages to send over to my husbands unit that is deployed right now. The first few weeks the response for the event was fairly low considering it is a benefit for the men and women that put their life on the line for all of us! But once the word really started getting out, the responses started pouring in. So for the past few weeks I have been busting my tail to get everything together. I have been lucky enough to have some amazing friends step up and help me too.

Our barrel race will be held on February 15th and is looking to be a huge turnout! One of my great friends that owns King Palm Ranch, a local arena in the New Smyrna Beach area, has offered to let me use her arena for this event. They were even kind enough to loan their tractor for the event as well. So far we have items ranging from massages for horses, humans, horse supplements, gift certificates, and more that have been donated to us for our raffle table. We have also had almost $1000 donated by sponsors for our added money. My goal is $1500 and I still have three weeks to go. But even if I don’t meet that goal, I am so thankful for what we have already gotten.

We will be having an open class, youth, pee wee and even an open pole class. We are working on getting added money for the youth and poles and we have a company that will be sponsoring trophies for our pee wee class. Something tells me that we are going to have some happy little pee wee kids that day! We all know kids love a trophy! Heck, I’m 32 and still love a trophy here and there!

As the days draw near, the excitement for this event is unexplainable to be honest. The support that has been bestowed upon me is more than I could ever ask for! This event is so near and dear to me as I struggle with the daily tasks and stresses while my husband is gone. But the fact that so many people have stepped in the help me show gratitude to all the men and women overseas fighting for our freedom makes everything that much easier. I know that the moment I need help with anything, one of my friends or family members will be there to help. These are the times when you realize who your true friends and family are. And I guess I never knew how truly blessed I was till now.


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