Get a little mud on your tires

The boys on their toys

For Christmas we got the little man a 4-wheeler so him and his daddy could enjoy some “man” time together while I ventured out to my horse shows. I spent last Saturday at a horse show while the boys played in the dirt on their toys. That evening we met some friends for dinner and decided that we all wanted to get up early the next day and spend some time on the ATV’s.

I got up early head over to my friends with our trailer to pick up their 4 seater Polaris Ranger and he husbands dirt bike. After getting gas and snacks, we head to my house and got ready to hit the trails. The kids were so excited, and us wives were nervous about our husbands on their toys because they both have some extremely mean machines that are scary fast. But they promised they would be good and not scare us too bad.

I love how he stands up so he can ride just like his daddy. He was even putting his knee up on the seat like his dad does when he moved them around. Cutest thing ever when a little boy mimics his daddy.

After a little while on the trail, we took the dirt bike back because it was overheating. Then I got on the little mans 4-wheeler since he wanted to ride on the Polaris and we head back out. The hubs took us down some trail and he was going so fast that we lost him. So we figured he would catch up to us at some point or vise versa. Finally we found him and he said he came across some young boy that came walking out of the woods and he was covered in mud and out of breath. The boy told him he was stuck and asked if we could help him. We followed him to the spot he was stuck in and realize we had found the jackpot. We went through a very sketchy trail and ended up in this huge area that had mud and trails for days. Once we got the boy unstuck, we went to town riding all over and getting soo dirty.

Sorry hubs, don’t think you will be pulling this out by hand!

One area had some puddles that were pretty sketchy, but the guys decided to check some of them out anyways. They got stuck one time, but figured out how to get out. Then us girls started in on the mud in the Polaris. We went through the ones we knew we could go though, but there was this one puddle that everyone was itching to go through, but no one knew if it was safe enough. The guys decided to take sticks and check the depth of it, and it actually didn’t look that bad. Well, we took their dare and headed for the puddle.

And there sits the Polaris. We certainly did a good job of getting it stuck!

Full speed ahead, we did a nosedive right into the depths of hell. We hit that thing so hard that we both got whiplash that we are still in pain from, and had mud everywhere. The mud and water rushed in over the floor within seconds and we jumped out to see the damage. As I was getting out, I slipped and fell back in the puddle with one leg. So of course I had tons of water and mud in my boot. There was no getting us out of the water with any of the quads we had with us, so we had to make a few calls. The place we were at was blocked by a huge chain to keep trucks from entering, but that didn’t stop one of our friends from getting back there. If anyone was gonna make it, he was.

So our friend Gene showed up and saved us all. The poor Polaris wasn’t too happy, but was still running and made it home. I can’t say we regret listening to our husbands because it certainly was a blast and a story to tell. And fortunately it was caught on video. Click Here to enjoy our crazy adventure!


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