The best gift a little boy could receive

As we all know, most little boys love their daddy’s and want to be just like them. Especially little boys that have a daddy in the military. As most of you know, my husband is in the Air Force and our little guy just adores that. He was 3 when his dad joined the service, so all he really has ever known is his daddy being a soldier. This Christmas there was a contest some friends of mine put out on Facebook asking for nominations of soldiers to have an action figure made of them. Of course I nominated my hubs and we ended up winning.

It’s unbelievable how much this things looks like my husband. Maybe not as handsome, but pretty close, hehe. I wanted to surprise both my husband and stepson with the action figure, but had to take photos of my husband in order to get the figure made properly. So of course I had to tell him it was being made. When the figure came in the mail, I took a photo of it since my hubs was at work, and text it to him. After that, I instantly wrapped it any put it under the tree for the little man. I couldn’t wait to see his face when he opened it.

Christmas came and we started opening gifts. I saved this one for next to last and when the little man opened it, he was confused. He looked at it, looked at his daddy, read the package and then said “this looks like you daddy”. At first he was confused, and then he thought it was super cool. I was afraid to let him take it out of the box, but it wasn’t long before the hubs had it out and was looking it over. The company that made the action figure is called My Face on a Figure. You can order them off their website If you have a little boy and his daddy is in some sort of uniformed career, I am sure he would love to have one of these. And what man wouldn’t want to have a real life G.I. Joe made of them, lol.


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