Taking the high road

The important thing to do is learn the lesson, so it doesn't happen again.We all have those people in our lives that can never take credit or blame for their own mistakes, poor choices, hurtful words, or just anything that they have done to wrong you. And when you finally throw your hands up and say you are done, they play the victim and act like they don’t understand, say they don’t think they are in the wrong, or just plain refuse to admit their wrong. It could be a friend, a parent, a sibling, or anyone in our life for that matter. But we all have a few people like this in our lives. It’s just inevitable.

Over the years I  have personally learned that you just have to let these people go and hope that one day they will realize what wrong they once (or many times) said or did to make things the way they currently are. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and realize that it’s ok to apologize and/or change what you say/do that hurts others even if you think that it’s perfectly ok. If someone tells you that your actions/words hurt their feelings, why not refrain from doing so anymore towards that person? If you are told that certain things you do are very offensive and you know it’s going to completely ruin the relationship you have with someone, why continue and then complain or cry over the situation when you have been told time and time again that it hurts someone? Or do these people truly know that they were at fault? Sometimes I wonder if people that do these things have a disorder or something. But something tells me that they are just too proud to suck it up and be vulnerable for once and swallow their pride.

strong walls shake but never collapseI don’t care if it is a friend, family member, spouse, or even a stranger. Words hurt, actions hurt worse, and ignoring your faults will not fix the situation. And don’t get me wrong, I am just as guilty as the other when it comes to hurting someones feelings. But when I am wrong, I will admit I am wrong. And I am sure there are times that I feel I am in the right and another person doesn’t agree. But I am a very understanding person and can usually find a happy medium. But one can only take so much before there are no more happy mediums to find. I don’t write this as though this is only experiences I have dealt with. I write this for anyone I truly care about that is either going through experiences like this now, in the past, or even in the future. And maybe some of those that read this will realize that they are part of these issues in others lives and learn to change their ways. One of my New Years goals is to be a better person and let things go. Even if it hurts to do so, I feel it has to be done. Time heals all wounds, even if they are not visible.


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