Burrrr says the Florida girl!

If you live in Florida or have ever visited Florida, you know that we hardly ever get cold. But when we do, you would think it’s snowing. Last night it got down to 30′ at my house and my husband refused to let me turn on the heat. So I bundled up and got all nice and cozy in my bed and actually woke up sweating at one point. When I woke up to get ready for work, it was around 63′ in my house. I realized that my husband was snuggled extra close to me and had the blanket all wrapped around him. I was tempted to turn the heat on to warm him up a little more, but he was the one that decided we didn’t need the heat on! So I let him freeze of course.

I walked out to feed my horses and take my dogs out and it was bone chilling cold. I had two jackets, warm pants and fuzzy boots on and was still freezing. But I survived and when I walked into the 63′ house, it felt like the heat was on, lol. So when I chose my attire this morning, I actually got excited for the fact that I could FINALLY wear a scarf and not look like a tard. So I took full advantage and rocked a scarf today. I love scarves, but in FL, they are very unnecessary until we get one of the VERY few cold days we might get every year. That is probably the only thing I like about cold days. I would much rather the Florida heat over freezing cold any day.


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