Do things that make my soul happy.This year I have set several resolutions. We all know that we usually set at least one, and most don’t follow through. So this year I have set several so that hopefully as I accomplish one, it will encourage me to accomplish them all. The main one I set for myself is to let things go. Those who have hurt me in the past and those who continue to hurt me and my family will no longer hurt me or my family. Through the years we all learn who are your true friends, that family is NOT thicker than blood and it most importantly, these people are not worth your tears, anger, or any emotion for that matter.

So starting yesterday, my life changed. I threw the “trash” out and will not allow it back in. If you want to try and bring me down, hurt my family, disrespect me and my family, etc… you can stop wasting your time because it will not affect me the way it did in the past. Those who have disrespected my family and I, stop wondering why we have nothing to do with you. If you are heartless enough to disrespect our feelings, then be man/woman enough to suck it up and accept that we will not have it and you will not be a part of our future. Time is way to short to allow others to drag your down day by day, so let them go. If they really want to be a part of your life, they will realize their wrongs and try and make them right. Skip the generic New Year's vows and focus your intention on the things that really matter. Think of others, forgive yourself, and more. #resolutions

One of my other resolutions is to be more organized. Not only at home and work, but in life in general. I have a tendency to get myself involved in every little thing I can and end up scattered all over the place. Last night I went to work on a craft project with my Silhouette Cameo and as I was gathering all of my items, I couldn’t find some of my items that were must have items to do this project. So I decided I would go ahead and start it, and I was sure I would remember at some point where I put it. So of course, about 10 minutes into my project, I remembered. And the sad thing is, the items I couldn’t find were actually organized in a nice accordion box and stowed in my craft closet. But because I didn’t have it all next to each other, I overlooked it. So I will definitely be reorganizing my craft closet so this doesn’t happen in the future. 

So those are my two biggest resolutions for this year. I have a few others, but they are not as important to me as these two. Everyone I have talked to has the “lose weight” resolution, but isn’t that always our resolution all year long? Of course I always want to lose a little here and there, but honestly, I am very happy with my body. I am by far no supermodel, but to me it’s all about how you present yourself. You can dress appropriately for your body type and look just as good as any supermodel to me. You just have to look deep inside and accept yourself. It’s hard, but at some point in your life, you will get there.

I hope that everyone else here that has set a resolution accomplishes it. If not, you always have next year, lol. May you all be blessed with a wonderful 2014! Beautiful New Year 2014 Resolutions Happy Quotes Pictures




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