Long days and even longer nights!

Stitch and I
Fiddler’s Turkey Run

Over the past week and a half I have gone non stop. My life is certainly never boring, but the lately it has been overwhelming and certainly not boring to say the least. In 12 days, I have slept in my own bed 2 times. That is how much I have been home! On Thanksgiving afternoon, which was also my birthday, my friend Amie and I head out for the Annual Turkey Run barrel race in Jacksonville FL. We arrived just after dark, and just in time to do a few practice runs in the indoor arena where the competition was to be held. My mare Stitch and I had never run at this arena together, nor had we run in and indoor arena together. So I was anxious to see how she would handle it. I have to say th

Stitch and I
Fiddler’s Turkey Run

at she definitely shocked me with our practice runs because she didn’t seem to care at all that she was in a new arena, and indoors at that. So I was feeling really good about our run the next day.

After our practice runs, we settled the horses in and hooked up the trailer to our hookup so we could get everything ready for the night. My friend Amie was number 17 the next morning, so we rushed to get hooked up and out for dinner. When we came back from dinner, we found out that our power box wasn’t working. So we spent 2 1/2 hours going round and round with the security lady and even moved spaces twice, only to find out that all she had to do was flip a breaker and we would be up and working. So needless to say, it was a super late night.

Day one of the barrel race was great. Stitch was very nervous this time, so we had a little trouble with our run, but I didn’t hit any barrels and still had a 4D time. So I couldn’t complain giving the circumstances. At practice, there was no music playing. So I think that is what got to her. Day two and three though, my girl really stepped it up and ran a full second faster and still had room to improve. We are really becoming a great team together and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to purchase her last year.

My snuggle buddy in the freezing cold trailer

So the barrel race came and went. I was home around 4:30pm that Sunday, only to wash my clothes and pack for a business trip to Kentucky the next morning and would be there for the whole week. Our company puts GIS data online, and I am the web development specialis

Love these ladies… and McCall 🙂

t for them. So I am the creator/designer of the websites, in case you don’t know what a web development specialist is. When we attend a conference, we are there to not only gain more clients, we are there to take extra special care of the current clients as well. After we sit at our booth all day, we usually take a group to dinner and then drinks at either a local bar, or our hospitality suite that we always have. Our location for the conference this year wasn’t near a lot of places to go out, so we set up a hospitality suite for every night of the conference. So of course we were out late every night keeping our clients happy happy happy (as Phil would say).

Our last night out of town was spent in Nashville TN. We were flying home from there the next afternoon, so we just got a hotel there and did a little bar hopping. I have been to Nashville sooo many time because I have family there, but this had to be one of the best visits I had there in a long time. Even though it was 36′ and raining, it didn’t stop us at all. Thank goodness we didn’t have to get up early the next morning.

My tired babies after a long weekend at the base. They even did the 5K with mama!

Once I got home from my conference Friday evening, I threw my bags in my car, loaded my dogs and left once again for the Air Force Base to spend the weekend with my husband. It was a very busy weekend with a 5K Saturday morning, followed by their Christmas party, and then I was off to a friends to make our trophies for her ugly sweater party in two weeks. After we were done with those, we attended the local Christmas parade to watch her daughter and another friend of ours daughter with their school floats.

The trophies for the Ugly Sweater Party (not finished yet)

So again, another packed day of non stop run, run, run (literally). Sunday morning, I slept in and it felt AMAZING! Then I was again off to the base to have lunch with the hubs and see some friends that I only get to see on UTA weekends. Just typing all of this has me exhausted. I am so ready for my Christmas break to have some down time with my little family. With my husband deploying in a month, I think it’s time to put everything else aside and focus on us time.


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