I’m not afraid!!!

I am not really a big fan of rap music, but I loooove me some Eminem. I am sitting here listening to his songs on Vevo and thinking about how his music just reals me in and I feel like I can relate to a lot of the lyrics. Not usually his evil hate music from his dark years of depression and drugs, but a lot of his new stuff. Even though a lot of his older music is very dark and has a lot of hate and anger in it, I can appreciate the fact they he can put how he truly feels into his music. It takes a lot of courage to blast people the way he has in his lyrics (not that it was always appropriate) and express his true feelings.

My absolute favorite song of his is “Not Afraid”. You can see his vulnerable side in this song and it really tells a story that I am sure most of us can relate to. Even though he is speaking of his past with drugs, anger and depression, it may be something completely different for us. But none the less, we relate in some way. Or at least I know I do.



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