Music for my soul

Casey and I at Cowboys, Orlando

If you know me well enough, then you would know that I am a HUGE Casey James fan. He was recently here at our county fair, and of course I was there. I even postponed my Hawaii trip just so I wouldn’t miss it. My friend Tanya said I am a stalker fan, but dedicated fan is what I call it. I am not a stalker until I know his birthday… and I refuse to even look it up because I am not going to be a stalker fan, lol.

Meet and greet with Casey

Anywho, I became a fan back when he was on Idol. He is actually the only musician that I have ever voted for. Since then I have followed his music and love every song he plays, even cover songs. Last year I got to see him for the first time at Cowboys in Orlando and was blown away by his live performance that had a very minimal band. I also became a fan of his bass player Dino. The talent in that band is amazing. I love the sound of a good guitar player and the two of them are just awesome. Especially when they play together.


Dino and I after the concert

So after the performance at Cowboys, I was hoping Casey would return to FL for another concert. I heard he was going to be touring with Taylor Swift and had tickets to her concert, but he started touring with her a few concerts after the one I attended. So yeah, I was a little bummed. But one day I was hosting a car wash with my local pageant girls, and the president of our fair association was there with his granddaughter and I told him that I really thought he should try and get Casey James for one of the fair concerts. He looked at me funny and said “you mean the one I just signed”? I was excited beyond measure and told him that I would do whatever I had to do to sit front row and get backstage. He told me that I shouldn’t do that because he would put me to work. But, I was willing to work.

So fair time came and I assisted with the pageant they have as usual, and then I just had to take a few photos for them. The day before the concert came and I was told to be at the fairgrounds at 4:30 that day. I was so confused on why I needed to be there so early when the concert wasn’t till 8:00 and meet and greet was at 7:00. But once I arrived, I knew why. I spent the whole time hanging out backstage with everyone and I was so star struck. I think I even shocked everyone because I was so quiet… and that is soooo not me! But I was happy to be there and be a part of all of that.


The fair president surprised me with this!

Finally we had the meet and greet and I was cheesin from ear to ear in my photo. Casey is one of the sweetest musicians I have ever met, and it really was an honor to meet him again. I was a little crushed when I heard he had cut his hair, but it fits him very well. I am a sucker for some long curly hair, but he rocks it short too.

Once Casey stepped on stage and started singing, I was in love with his music all over again. My all time favorite song of his is “Drive”, and of course he saved the best for last. His talent on the guitar is just off the charts. Especially after going through what he went through when he was in a horrible motorcycle accident. But you would never know it when he plays. I am pretty sure I could just sit and listen to him play the guitar the whole night. His voice is just an added bonus!

After the concert, I met up with Dino (his bass player). We had tweet each other a few times about the concert and I had asked to have a photo with him. And he was kind enough to keep his word. We chatted about their show at Cowboys, and the concert that night. Just another super friendly and genuinely nice guy. I was very honored to meet him.

I stayed back for one more photo and autograph with Casey and then made my way home to finish packing for my flight to Hawaii the next morning. It was definitely the best way to start my vacation and well worth missing one extra day in Hawaii.


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