Hawaii – Part 2

So beautiful

So after I got settled into the hotel and time zone, I started my adventures. Some things I did by myself, and some I did with the guys. There weren’t any other wives that I knew, so I just went off and did my thing. I usually don’t like to do things alone, but I had no desire to spend my whole trip laying on the beach and not seeing this amazing island I was on.

Found this at the end of the road where it ended. Sat on a rock and just watched the waves crash in.

The first thing I decided to do was visit Hickam AFB. I put the address in the GPS, and went on my way. I started my drive and as I was going along, something didn’t seem right. I was driving into little towns and everything just started getting real rural. I came upon a beautiful stretch of the beach and just had to stop. The water was beautiful and the waves were nice so I had to get pics to send to the hubs. He kept telling me he was jealous. I guess I would have been too if I was just sitting at work while he was

This is the amazing sight I sat and stared at for a while.

out seeing all the beauty this island had to offer.

After spending a little time at that stretch of beach, I headed back out to find the AFB. I kept going the way I “thought” the GPS was telling me to go, and still thought something wasn’t right. The more I drove, the more it seemed like I was heading into the sticks. I was coming around a bend and literally slammed on the brakes. The sight was just so amazing to me and I just stopped and stared. I am pretty sure I was there for a good 30 minutes soaking in the scenery and taking pics.

Volcom house on Pipeline

So after I finally got back on the road, I realized I had come to the end of the island where it turns into private property and just ends. So I realized I must have gone the wrong way. I have blonde moments often, but this by far was the best blonde moment I have ever had! Needless to say, I never made it to the AFB because by the time I got back to the resort area, it was time for the boys to get off work and head to dinner.

The next day I finally made it to Hickam and did some shopping for some snorkel gear and a few other odds and ends. Then I did more exploring around our resort. There were two other resorts by us, so I walked to all of them and checked out their amenities and such. The Disney owned resort was pretty awesome. Was wishing that was where we were staying just for the awesome pool area. But I still went over and enjoyed it anyways. I walked for over 2 hours around the whole walkway and even down the rocks to parts of the ocean. I stopped to see a little show and then finished it off with the sunset. It was so nice to just be on my own time and do whatever I wanted.

Nothing like some hotties and their boards. The hottie on the right is my lover. Lucky girl I am!!

The rest of the week consisted of several snorkeling trips, some hiking up to the waterfall, a visit to North Shore to see a surf competition, Pipeline, the Dole Plantation, surfing, Waikiki and Honolulu for a photo shoot with a friend and out for dinner and drinks downtown, and lots and lots of road time stopping to see all the sights. One of the days I was driving around and watched a whole pod of dolphins swimming and playing in the distance. It was hard to get a good photo of them, but two days later they showed up on our snorkeling trip and swam with us. So we were able to get perfect pics then. Amazing is the only explanation of that experience.

Pipeline Surfing

Next year we are taking a trip when my husband comes back from his deployment, so I am already conjuring up ideas for our trip. After visiting Hawaii, I am thinking we are going to definitely plan a trip to another island. Not Hawaii as we are possibly scheduled to go back again next year for another training trip. But something just as beautiful I hope. Let the island hunting begin!

Learning to surf 🙂


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