Aloha & Maholo – Hawaii Day 1 & 2

So I have arrived home from my AMAZING vacation in Hawaii and I am still on cloud nine! I did so much that I am pretty sure I will have to break this up into several blogs. Especially once I pull up all the photos from all my camera’s… Yes, I took several camera’s, lol. But what good photographer wouldn’t?

So I guess I will start with my arrival. The flight was sooo very long. But being my first flight over 5 hours, I did pretty good. I tend to have an issue with RLS (restless leg syndrom) when I sit too long, but it didn’t give me any issues thankfully. I flew alone as my hubs was on his way on one of the military planes. When I arrived, it was so beautiful out. Flying over that island was quite a sight for sure. I fell in love immediately! But it wasn’t until I went on a little road trip (got lost) that I really fell in love! But I will save that little story for later.

So I arrive and pick up my rental car and the super nice gentleman gave me directions to get me on my way to the resort. Unfortunately he sent me the wrong way, only to find out once my gps figured out where we were and sent me the right way. Funny thing was, I was right next to my friends condo and had no idea until I went to visit him a few days later. But anywho, I was on the road and couldn’t wait to get to the resort. Just before I got on my flight, I found out that my husband hadn’t even left yet and would be arriving 3 hours after me. So I had to meet up with one of his co-workers that had arrived a few days prior and got his room key so I could hang out with him until my husband arrived. When I pulled up to the resort, I was in awe. It was just so beautiful!

I went up to the room and immediately passed out. Probably because it was midnight back home and I had only gotten a couple hours of sleep the night before. The hubs arrived a few hours later, and we checked into our room and pretty much crashed. We got up the next morning and decided to have breakfast at the hotel. They sat us at a table right next to the water where they had sharks swimming around. It really set the mood for this trip. The food was delicious with all of the different cultural foods on the buffet. I tried things I would normally never try.

After breakfast the boys had to head into work. I decided to take that time to do a little shopping and stock up on items for the hubs little kitchen so he wouldn’t have to eat out the whole time. And even bought myself a few little things as well. Once I finished my shopping trip, I was finally on the beach relaxing. The resort has it’s own little cove for you to lay out and swim at. It was nice to lay there and not have the waves rushing in and knocking you over.

Other than relaxing, I met the boys for lunch and then again for dinner. Nothing super crazy and exciting happened my first two days.

View from our room


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