You ask… I shall deliver!

A few days ago we were stressing over who was going to perform during the intermissions at our county fair pageant. I had originally lined up Bobby Harper, whom I have blogged about in the past, but he had to back out at the last minute due to a potential trip to Nashville. Which as an up and coming artist, that is more than understandable.

So we had a few weeks to find someone, but I didn’t really think much of it because I had a feeling the director already had someone lined up. Well, the day before the pageant, she informed me that she still didn’t have anyone yet. So just like I ALWAYS do, I took the reins and went on a talent search. I asked around to everyone I knew, and found a few potential singers. Most of them were so so, but one really stood out to me. His name was Michael James Hoffman. He had a few videos posted, but they were all at home singing, or karaoke. But just those video’s alone blew me away. I sent him an email and crossed my fingers for a reply. I don’t think it was even 20 minutes later, he replied and said he would be more than honored to play for us.

We had to be at the fairgrounds that night to finish decorations, so I invited him to come up and get a feel for the stage and sound. I unfortunately wasn’t going to be there till later, but hoped to at least get there as he was finishing up. But, I didn’t. However, everyone kept asking me where I found him, and told me how amazing he was! So that of course got me super pumped for the pageant the next day.

So then it’s opening night. I told Michael to make sure he arrived early as the traffic gets insane and the parking is crazy. He said he would be there by 6:15, but at 6:15 I couldn’t find him anywhere. Of course I wasn’t really sure what he looked like since I hadn’t met him yet and only seen photos online, so I was worried I just overlooked him. 6:30 came and went, 6:45…. and then it was 7:00 and I still hadn’t seen him. I went to the director all upset because I thought we had been stood up, and she laughed and said “he’s here, he just went to the bathroom”. Ahhh, what a sigh of relief.

Finally I seen him walk over and sit down, and I went and introduced myself. He hugged me and thanked me for the opportunity and chatted with me about his songs and such. He was nice as could be and just adorable! He has a super deep voice, and we all know how a deep country voice that can sing just melts a woman! So I was back on my high and couldn’t wait for the first intermission.

The girls were beautiful and did everything with perfection as usual. After their first half of the pageant was done, Michael took the stage to perform 3 cover songs. The second he started singing, I had people from all over asking who he was and where I found him. When I told them facebook, they were shocked! They were referring to him as the “Diamond in the Rough” and said that I did a fine job finding such an amazing singer. Of course my head was swelling a little, but I didn’t let it go to far to my head. I am just the kind of person that doesn’t settle for less than the best, so I searched till I found it. But who would have known it would have happened in less than an hour of searching? I guess it was just my lucky day!

And for those of you that had the opportunity to hear him last night, he will be back next year as long as I can help it. I made sure to let him know that we would be honored to have him back, and he was kind enough to accept that offer.

Here is a link to the video that blew me away. If you are that good without a sound system, I knew he would be great on our stage!


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