Time fly’s…

Just a few months ago we started getting ourselves ready for my husbands soon to be deployment. Lots of meetings, paperwork, etc. We didn’t really discuss much of it really because it seemed so far away. Now we are getting down to the wire and it’s all starting to hit me. The last deployment my husband was on seemed like nothing at first. He left, I never cried, there were no real worries, nothing. Then about a month after he was gone I was hit hard emotionally and realized that I had to do everything alone and that he was pretty much helpless when it came to anything back home. I had a great support team, and also had another team that wasn’t so supportive. Unless it came to trying to tear me down, then they were all for it.

So after dealing with A LOT of ups and downs, I have had a lot weighing on my mind for this upcoming deployment. I find myself going from happy, to an extreme low. I don’t think anyone ever really prepares for deployment and goes through it without a care or worry. But being the last one was my first, I had no idea what to expect and went in with the mindset that it would be a cake walk. So now knowing it’s one of the hardest jobs a person can endure, I am really having a tough time. I know I am going to be a basket case the day he leaves, and will most likely be doing everything in my power to keep my sanity while he is gone. I am a very strong woman and have always pride myself on that, but after the mess I had to go through last time, I am vulnerable this time for sure. However, I am strong enough to do this again!!! I know I will make it through it all!!! But it’s definitely going to be another tough journey to add to the books for sure. On a positive note, these tough struggles always seem to make my marriage stronger than I could ever imagine. And I am thankful for moments like these to keep us growing stronger.

This coming weekend we leave for Hawaii. I personally will be laying on the beach for most of my trip with a cocktail or two in my hand while the hubby does his training. But when he is off work, it’s game on Hawaii! We will be all over the place exploring and going on excursions. Both the hubs and I are so excited to have the opportunity to take this trip before he leaves for his deployment. What a way to make some fascinating memories before he leaves.



4 thoughts on “Time fly’s…

  1. We were in Hawaii this year, as I tagged along on a trip with the big guy:) my plan was the exact same as yours: beach time and cocktails while the hubby was working;) love your post!

    • Thank you! Funny thing is, I did hardly any beach time and cocktails. Mostly sightseeing and snorkeling. I live in FL, so I can lay on the beach anytime with a cocktail. 🙂 Where in Hawaii did you visit?

      • We were in the most touristy part: Waikiki:) we traveled all over the island and other than the homeless issue, I loved it!!! And oh how I wish we were in Florida!!!!

      • We were in Oahu as well, but over in Ko;Olina. The Air Force out us up in a nice resort over there. I have a friend that lives in a condo next to the Marriott in Waikiki and I visited him there and went out downtown there. I wasn’t impressed. But I spent half of my time driving that island. I know my way all around it now. I would just drive and drive and set my gps when I was ready to go him. The north and northeastern side of the island are the prettiest. Where we were was nice too, but it’s building up into a mini Waikiki I think. And FL is alright I guess, lol. But I have been here my whole life. So I think of other places like you think of FL. But when I get to those places (aside from tropical islands), I can’t wait to go back home after a while. LOL

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