Fox Halloween Bash

The other weekend my husband and I had our first ever Fox Halloween Bash. I started prepping for this weeks in advance, and I still didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish. But it still turned out to be a great time and everyone seemed to have a blast. My plan was to get most of my stuff done the night before, but the hubs convinced me to go for a bike ride out to Daytona for Biketoberfest. We didn’t get home until after midnight, so I did as much as I could do until about 3:00am and then crashed. I had to be up early to go to the vets office with the horses that morning, so I was up and at em at the crack of dawn. Once that was done, the decorating began. I worked my butt off cooking and decorating while my husband did some random last minute yard work and things around the house. Is it just my husband, or do all husbands find every reason to not have to help decorate when you have parties? Never fails.

So I finally got to the point where it was just time to stop where I was and accept the fact that nothing was going to be perfect because I am just way to picky and started getting my costume together. My husband and I decided to be a ventriloquist and the the ventriloquist’s doll. We threw out so many ideas, and this was the one we liked the best. And what an easy costume as well.

We had a costume contest for the party, and so many people really got into it. We had everything from vampires, Dracula, dumb and dumber, Marty McFly, scooby doo characters, a pimp and his hoe, the joker from Dark Night, and so much more. My dogs were even dressed up as Batman and Robin. It was the cutest thing ever! For the costume contest I made skeleton trophies. The categories were best female costume, best male costume, best couples costume, funniest costume, and worst costume. I even went out of my way and made a sash and got a tiara for one of our friends and crowed her as Miss Divaween. She loved it!

The night went on until about 4:00am. By they time we had taken so many pictures, had adventurous trips down the road on the motorcycles in our costumes and even took the riding mower out for a ride or five…. Nothing makes for a good party without some redneck mower riding, lol. But at the end of the night, I would say it was quite a successful party and we are looking forward to the next one for sure!


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