So yes, the subject completely describes me… well, not me in general, but my blogging activity for sure! But it comes with good reason. I have had an abundance of things going on, and it isn’t ending anytime soon. Between trips out of town for work, my job in general, side jobs (web design and photography), my soon to be vacation to Hawaii, the holidays coming, family visiting, and preparing for this deployment, I am sure you all understand why I have been slacking. I post before that I was having a Halloween party, and I promise to post about it soon. And my trip to Hawaii is right around the corner, so I am sure I will have  a lot to post about that. Who wouldn’t?

So with that said, I have to get back to the many things at task and hope to be back very soon to enlighten you all with the fun adventures we had at our Halloween party 🙂


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