When mama’s happy, everyone’s happy!

Lately we have been working on several projects over at our hizzy. The biggest one being my barn. We have worked for a steady month and a half or so trying to get this thing done so my horses can get out of the heat and rain. Finally my barn is finished! Well, when I say finished, I mean that it’s useable. We still have a few things to add, but they are minor and the barn is fully functional. I can hardly move my body from over 10 hours of labor on Sunday and last night, but it was worth every ache and pain.

On Sunday my husband and I worked on the barn until 10pm. He wanted to stop at 8:00 and all we had was one more divider and it was done (for the most part). So I begged and pleaded for him to finish because I was so anxious to get it done. I reminded him that when mama is happy, everyone is happy. He agreed, we made a deal (apparently I have to give him a back massage now), and we worked till it was pretty much finished. I spent yesterday cleaning up spare wood, adding buckets and other odds and ends and today my babies got to stay in out of the rain and heat. I was so happy, and I am sure they were too. And maybe now we can get some grass growing again out in the pasture. 3 horses will take out some grass in no time!

Next on the “keepin mama happy” list is removing the super ugly tile in our front walkway and the back porch. Whoever built our house was obviously taking in freebee’s or something because this stuff is horrible! It’s several colors, several styles, and several textures of tile. I hate looking at it and CANNOT wait to remove it! But boy is it going to be quite a job with a huge back porch full of it! But we will get it done, and it will look so much better. I am just not looking forward to the dusty demo process. When we took the same ugly tile out of our kitchen, foyer, and laundry room, I was cleaning dust for weeks. No fun!

I love change and I am so excited to make some new ones at our house. Not only will it make things look better, it will appreciate the value even more for when we decide to sell it so we can build our dream house. Hopefully by the end of next year we will be making these plans, but we will see. We have only been here a year and a half and we have already outgrown the property. Not the house, but the property. 3 Acres just isn’t enough for all the things that we want to do! Soon though.. Soon we will have more property and hopefully a smaller house. I could care less the size of my house, mainly because I hate cleaning floors, but also because I spend majority of my time outside. So I would much rather have a big barn, lots of land and a small house.



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