Rodeo Dreams

This past weekend was packed full of horse shows, the PRCA Champions Challenge Rodeo, and finally finishing my barn. But of course the highlight of my weekend was the rodeo. Since I was a little girl, it has been a dream of mine to ride in the National Mary Walker and I at the WPRA Rodeo in Kissimmee, FL. Ran into her coming up the stairs and she is seriously the nicest lady ever!Finals Rodeo. If I am going to dream, why not dream the biggest dream possible in the barrel racing world right? Unfortunately that dream is a little bigger than I think I will be able to fulfill, unless I win the lotto. Most of the barrel racers you see in the NFR are born into the rodeo industry. They have several generations of rodeo performers in their family tree.

The rodeo this weekend was at the Silver Spurs arena in Kissimmee. One of my favorite indoor arenas. I ran here a few times at State, and the only thing that stinks about it is that you have to ride on cement just to get to the entrance of the arena. The ground is great, and the facility is beautiful. I always enjoy being there with all my barrel racing ladies, just as I did this Saturday!

When I was in California I went to a PRCA rodeo in San Juan Capistrano, and majority of the contestants rode at that rodeo as well. So it was so cool to see them all compete against each other again. Of course my favorite event is the barrel racing, and I couldn’t wait to see Mary Walker dominate! I am so in love with her story, and she just has so much passion for the sport. Of course I was excited to see Brittany Pozzi and Fallen Taylor ride as well, but I think all of us barrel racers were there mainly to see Mrs. Mary.

After the rodeo was over, we were walking to the west end of the arena and ran into Mrs. Mary. We stopped her and talked with her for a minute and took lots of pics. She was so sweet when I had to fix my phone camera and said “don’t worry honey, I’m not going anywhere”. She was seriously the sweetest lady I have ever met in the barrel racing industry. Although I have the utmost respect for all of these girls, some of them are very conceded and won’t give you the time of day. Mrs. Mary certainly is not like that. We also got to meet Fallon Taylor (who is amazingly beautiful) and a bunch of the ropers, bronc riders, bull riders, etc. We even witnessed one of the ropers propose to his girlfriend. It was so sweet!

Although none of the performers on Saturday have made it quite to a “legend” status in the barrel racing world, my goal it to meet a few of those in the near future. First on my barrel racing legend bucket list is Martha Josey. Then I would have to say Charmayne James and Sherry Cervi would be next on the list. Got to see Cheri’s son Chase at San Juan Capistrano, but meeting her would be amazing!

What a high us girls had Saturday night at the rodeo. Our plan was to attend the NFR this year, but now my Hawaii trip, the Turkey Run in November and our NYC trip in December will be depleting my vacation savings for the year. We will be planning early for next year though. Although this was not a qualifying rodeo for this years NFR, it was so cool to see several of the performers that will be competing at this years NFR. One of my friends here spent all of last year traveling the circuit rodeo trying to qualify for the NFR last year riding one of the Langford studs, but unfortunately she was a little shy of making it. But hearing her stories about all the rodeos made me to envious. I would love to travel the rodeo circuit. Maybe one day I will get that opportunity. But till then, I will attend as many as I can and admire those who have made it. And I will keep playing the lotto in hopes of a big win!

Looking forward to watching all the barrel racers who qualified for this years NFR!

1. SHERRY CERVI                          8. KALEY BASS
2. MARY WALKER                         9. LISA LOCKHART
3. MICHELE MCLEOD                  10. TAYLOR JACOB
4. CHRISTY LOFLIN                      11. JANE MELBY
5. FALLON TAYLOR                      12. JEAN WINTERS
7. BRITTANY POZZI                     14. SYDNI BLANCHARD

San Juan Capistrano PRCA Rodeo



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