Shutting down

So we are all aware that parts of the government are shut down right now because, in my opinion, of a bunch of ignorant BS and egotistical morons that run our country! I am personally bitter about this because my husband works for the government and is affected every time something happens. A few months ago he was furloughed up until recently and lost a lot of pay, thus setting us back financially. Fortunately enough we were slightly prepared, but of course certain life events happened during these times and it didn’t help the situation at all. And now my husband is working for free! Yes, for free… until they figure this whole thing out. So needless to say, he will not have a paycheck until this is over.

I just want to know how it’s ok for the government to put your pay on hold knowing that nothing else in your life is going to go on hold. Especially finances! But that’s right, those making this decision aren’t losing a penny. So why should they care about the little man losing pay? Almost all of my husbands co-workers have spouses that do not work, so they aren’t as fortunate as us to have another income to tide them over till everything is resolved. It’s ridiculous that our nation has turned into what it has.

So how many of you truly understand how this Obama Care is going to work? I have read things, listened to the stuff on the news, and it’s all so confusing. I don’t quite get how beneficial it is to “require” you to have insurance. I for one know that if my company didn’t pay for mine, I wouldn’t have any. You know why? Because it’s cheaper for me to pay out of my pocket for the very few visits I make to the doctor than it is for me to carry my own policy. Living in a country of supposed freedom, I think I should have the right to make that decision without any penalty. If members of congress, senate and other higher ups can opt out of this, why shouldn’t I? Why are they exempt? Makes no sense what so ever to me! But who am I to have an opinion? I am just a spec of dirt on the bottom of their shoes. I don’t matter, just like the rest of us here in the U.S. Some will say that we are so lucky to have what we have here in the states, and I agree (for the most part). But I honestly feel like we are gradually falling apart and become less of a free nation. We have been stricken of so many freedoms and it’s just keeps getting worse.

I am not one to express my opinion about politics at all because I know that it’s a very touchy situation. But after reading several comments on multiple social networks, it seems that 95% of American’s are feeling this same way. I have actually only seen one post out of all of the posts that was actually for all of this chaos that is going on. I just hope that people start opening their eyes to what is going on in our country and step up for themselves. It’s up to us to make the changes. Educate yourself and make sure you vote for the right reasons.


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