Pandoras Box

A while back a friend of mine created a group forum called Pandoras Box. I was invited to join, and so I did. It seems that majority of the posts are religious based. So today I read an article of a pastor that dressed up like a homeless man and walked into the new church that he was to lead. When he walked in, he was less than greeted with open arms. He got several dirty looks, was asked to move when he sat in the front row, and only 4 of the almost 1,000 people actually said hi to him.

After a while the pastor went to the back and sat, waiting for the elders to announce his arrival (they were in on it). Once announced, everyone started clapping and got all excited. When the pastor stood up in the back of the room and started walking forward, the room silenced. The pastor walked to the podium and spat out several verses, and then released the service till the following Sunday.

I post this story in Pandoras Box, with my own opinion of this, and the comments started pouring in. Most agreeing with me, and some not. Now, I am not a super religious person. I find myself to be more spiritual than anything. But that does not mean that I do not believe in god, it just means that I have my own beliefs and I don’t feel that I have to attend church to actually believe in anything.

I am sure you are all wondering what I post.. well, I started my post with “This story right here shows how hypocritical so many so called Christians are! Although I am not super religious, I respect those that are. However, if you are going to talk the talk, be prepared to walk the walk.. especially in church! I have to give this pastor props for doing what he did and calling people out like that!” and added a link to the story.

Turns out the story is possibly false, but that didn’t matter to me. What mattered to me was the moral of the story. I am often encountering so many so called Christians that want to preach about how they are holier than thou, but certainly never follow the bible and it’s ways. They will even go as far as quoting verses from the bible, and then turn right around in the same breath and do the opposite of what it says. And I can honestly say that it is people like this that detour me from stepping foot in a church. I was once scolded verbally for not walking to the front of the church I was attending so the pastor could “wash my sins away” by putting his hand on my head. I feel it is my right to not do that, as I do not believe in it. So why scold me? Why make me feel guilty because I didn’t follow your demands? So needless to say, that was the last time I attended that church. And honestly, it really made me start thinking about all the hypocrisy in churches.

After posting this article in the group, I felt like I was brought right back to that church again as some tried to convince me that I was wrong for feeling this way and yada yada. Well I don’t have time for the lectures, so I let it be. Ok, so I argued a little, but I finally thought to myself that they are just going to argue till they are blue in the face. I have my own opinion, and it doesn’t mean I dislike Christians. I just dislike hypocritical Christians! If they didn’t get my point about the story, then that wasn’t my problem and I need not worry any longer. And those people that decided to argue, proved to be just as judgmental as the people in the story that shunned the homeless man. True or not, it’s a great story and will make you think!

Click Here for the story if you want a good read!


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