More Military fortune!

Sometimes I feel like the things that happen in my life are literally the luck of the draw. I often fall into unexpected fortunes, and I have no idea why. I don’t mean monetarily, although it’s happened. But I usually end up winning something like concert tickets, get offered opportunities to expand my photography and/ web design skills, free horses, free trips, etc. 

In one of my recent posts I talked about military perks. A few days ago my husband came home and informed me that we were given $2000 to use however we want towards activities, boat rentals, trips, scuba lessons and even massages at the base. They give this to airmen that are deploying, and they can use them before the leave, when they come back, and their spouse can also used them while they are deployed. I have been looking over the list of things and trips and I am over the top excited for this. Although this is a fortune that my husband and I have both fallen into, I still look at it as another great thing to happen in my life. also mentioned that my husband might be going to Hawaii for training, and we got word yesterday that it’s looking like a go. Excited doesn’t even describe my emotions about this. Who doesn’t dream of going to Hawaii? And who wouldn’t want a free trip there? My husband will be going for almost a month, but I am working on making my trip there at least a week and a half. I can’t wait to explore Hawaii and all of it’s beautiful scenery. I have been researching all the things in the area for us to do, and it’s limitless! I will definitely be snorkeling, paddle boarding, cliff diving, and TONS of exploring! I have a few friends that live there, so while my hubs is training, I will be hitting the island with them and letting them show me around.

My husband and I were planning to take a trip to Vegas before he left for his deployment, just so we would have a little vacation before he leaves, but now we won’t have to foot a large bill for a vacay together. Even though he will be training most of the time, he says he plans on losing sleep just to spend time with me exploring the island and being adventurous. He is also hoping to get the opportunity to surf here. He loves to surf, and one of the places on his bucket list is Hawaii. My one friend spends 90% of his time in the ocean, on a board.  So I will definitely be asking him to hook the hubs up. Hopefully I can keep it a surprise though.

So once again, I (we) have fallen into another fortune. One that I could have never imagined would come my way. And this is just another reason that I am so happy that my husband made such a life changing decision to join the Air Force. Perks like these make the lonely nights and time away worth it . Well, not really. But it makes it a little better.



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