Merle, AKA Mo Mo, is our 7 month old mini aussie. After we bought our first mini Ringo, we decided he needed a buddy. A friend of mine post on FB that her mini just had a litter of 7 pups, and of course I hit her up right away. They were born on my husbands birthday, and since this was going to be “his” dog, we knew we had to get one. My friend let us see them two days later and gave us pick of the litter. We waited till their eyes were open before we decided because we really wanted another with at least one blue eye. Once their eyes opened, we couldn’t help but choose Mo. He was definitely the cutest of them all! We wanted a blue merle since we already have a red merle, so we got very lucky with him.

Merle is something else. Ringo is the biggest lover dog and is determined to please you. Merle on the other hand… well… he has 2nd child syndrome BAD. He is so jealous, hard headed, into everything, wants every bit of you attention, and the list goes on! If he wasn’t so cute, there are times that I would consider losing the small fortune we have in him and give him away. But when he looks at you with that cute face, you can’t help by melt and want to squeeze him.

Being herd dogs, both Mo and Ringo love to heard the horses. Ringo learned to stay back from their rear as he got kicked pretty good once. I thought he broke his tail (my favorite part of him), so he learned to keep his distance. But Mo loved to go behind the horses and grab their tail. Sometimes he latches on and goes for a little ride. He usually does this to our old horse Dollar, and Dollar doesn’t care what you do to him. But something tells me that he is going to learn the hard way soon when he decides to do it to one of the other horses. They are a little less accepting of the dogs.

Merle is getting ready to go have his man hood taken away. I am really hoping this will calm him down. Or at least take a little of his stubbornness away! That would be nice. If not, I guess we will just keep on loving his little bratty face anyways!


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