The perks!

Those of you that are either in the military, or are a military spouse, know that it comes with it’s perks. Even though the pay isn’t always the best, the timing is never right for any deployment, TDY trip, or even the UTA weekends, it has it’s perks at times. 

I am the wife of an Airman. When he first decided to join, I was skeptical. Now that we are 4 years in, I am so thankful that he made the choice he made to join. We have both been given so many opportunities over the past year, and I am sure there will be many more. One of the things I absolutely love about my husbands position, is the fact that I can travel with him on most trips, aside from deployment. Sometimes I can travel along, and sometimes I have to pay for travel expenses only. But other than that, the trips are covered.

My husband just got word that they might be going to Hawaii in November for training before their soon to be deployment. His boss informed him that if he wanted to bring me along, he will be allowed to do so. So of course I am crossing my fingers that they get the go ahead to go there. Who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii… and for FREE! I know this girl does! Originally they were supposed to go to California, and I didn’t see any reason to go there since I just got back from there a few weeks ago. I would rather use that time for something else. So yeah, I am stoked and hoping it all works out. If not, maybe I will just plan a trip somewhere else while he is gone.

My husband also called me yesterday to inform me that the military gave him $2000. I was thinking they gave him $2000 cash, but he actually gets $500 every 3 months for a year and it’s on a card for us to use at the base towards things on base like renting the boat, massages, scuba lessons, etc. So yeah, another great perk of the military!

Some people talk very negative of the military, and I usually find that those are people that have never been in the service or were never motivated and had a hard time. From what I can see, if you are motivated and prove to your boss that you want to go far, they will make it happen. My husband works so hard to impress his higher ups and anything he wants, they usually make sure he gets it. He loves his job and you can tell he is happy he made the choice he did. So if you are ever thinking of joining, DO IT! It will be the best change you could ever make. And the opportunities are endless!!


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