According to the urban dictionary, a Stalerazzi is “A compound word containing stalker and paparazzi that is Sad but trueused to mean someone who is a stalker, but who also specifically uses pictures to do much of the stalking. Such a person often puts these pictures up on social networking sites such as facebook. The stalker referred to is often a friend of the stalkee.” However, since the urban dictionary is just fake words that people make up definitions for, I would like to express my opinion of the definition.

Have any of you ever had a stalker? When I was a teenager I had a boy that I went to school with since kindergarten stalk me. He would follow me in my car, drive past my house over and over, and even make comments to me. At first I thought it was just a game, and then it got out of hand and I was actually in fear. I had to get the cops involved and everything. That to me is just a stalker!

Now that I am older, I am noticing that people are taking stalking to a whole new level. They don’t have to follow you around in your car (although they sometimes still do) when they can just follow you all over the internet. They see the things you like, the things you do, the things you say, etc. And next thing you know they all of a sudden they like the same things you like, try to do the same things you do, and sometimes even quote your exact words. They follow everything about you because they are obsessed with you (not that they will admit it though). And then your mutual friends and/or family start to see these things and bring it to your attention (you know, since you are not the one stalking to find these things out) and you double check for proof, and there it is. Same hobbies, same likes, and they even have mutual friends now that you know they don’t know and have never known. You also fin d they they have even taken secret photos of you at functions you both attended and they even ended up on a social media page. WOW, can we say CRAAAAZZZYYYY!!!!I ask my self constantly, WHY? Why would someone care so much about your life that they have to follow your every move and go to the extent they do to be just like you? In my opinion, it’s jealousy. Everyone get’s jealous at times, it’s normal. If you say you don’t, your a liar. But when you let it take over your life, that’s when it becomes a problem.

I blame social media. Fortunately social media didn’t get big until I was in my early 20’s. However, once I started my 1st Myspace page (back when there were less than 10,000 myspace accounts), I was hooked. I found myself stalking the pages of old friends, family, etc. But not in a creeper kind of way, more of a wanting to reunite kind of way. Then my first break up happened… and then the stalkerazzi in me came out. Who was he dating now, what is he doing now, is his life better than mine, etc… It tore me up with every photo and comment I would see. It got to the point where I realized I was obsessed with something that was so beneath me! I was allowing him to get to me and with that, it brought me down to his level. After several fights with the ex and a few of his floozies, I shut it all down until I knew I had let it all go and moved past it.

For several months the social media life was quiet. I had reconnected with so many of my old friends, foActions always prove...und family that I hadn’t talked to in years, and even reunited with my now husband. Then I found myself on the receiving end of it all. I was targeted by the stakerazzi full force. Ex’s that were suddenly in love with me followed my every move, baby mama drama came into play, and a few others suddenly had a strong interest in my life and it apparently has turned into an obsession. Of course they are always accusing the victim of being the obsessed stalkerazzi, but that to me is exactly what the stakerazzi do. They get so obsessed with another person’s life that they start believing that the other person is actually obsessed with theirs. It’s kind of like a compulsive liar that lies so much they start believing their own lies. Actually it’s not kind of like that, it’s exactly like that.

So with all that said, I would like to say hello to my stakerazzi as I am sure it took you no time at all to find my blog and have been reading it on the daily. I also want to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you are obsessed with my life and interests. Imitation is truly the greatest form of flattery. But I also want you to know that my life is far from perfect and if you truly want to have the lWhat you allow is what will continueife that I have, you better be ready for a rough road ahead as it has been a very tough one for me! Over the past 7 years I have worked harder than I have ever imagined I would have to work to get to where I am, and I am still no where close to where I want to be. And no one has a perfect life no matter how much they portray it to be. We are all constantly fighting battles that we don’t want to fight, we have lows lower than anyone will ever know. But it’s called life and we just push past the times that are tough and I personally allow them to make me a stronger person.

I would also love to say that I don’t let you get to me, but let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be writing this if it has never gotten to me. But I am also writing this as a way of letting it all go and allowing myself to once again brush off the haters and move on. I am above that. And I thank all my stakerazzi for helping me to realize how much better I am than them. If I wasn’t, they wouldn’t want to imitate me!


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