This past weekend my husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary a few weeks early because we have so much planned in the next few weekends and we won’t have time to do anything on our actual anniversary weekend. I left it up to my husband to decide what he wanted to do this year because the last few years I chose. So far we have celebrated with a trip to Jamaica, Washington DC and California. Since the both of us were recently in California and NYC, we decided it was best to plan a staycation. My husband chose for us to stay at the Shades of Green Resort at Disney. I have only been there to pick up tickets for the parks, but have never stayed there. It was so reasonable, clean, great food and a fun atmosphere.

My husband also decided that he wanted to go to Typhoon Lagoon since neither of us had been there yet. They had so many fun slides to choose from with our favorite being the roller coaster slide. My husband hates roller coasters, but loved this ride. We rode this slide over and over! They also have the most amazing wave pool there which you can rent after hours for surfing. My husband and his buddies are planning to rent it next year after deployment. I am sure they will have a blast since they all love to surf!

So I decided to surprise my husband and took him to dinner at Fogo De Chao. This is a Brazillian steakhouse that is all you can eat. They have the most amazing salad bar I have ever seen, and then they come around with several different types of grilled meat for you to choose from. Every single thing we ate was just melt in your mouth amazing! It’s quite pricey, but well worth every penny. Just the experience alone made it worth it all. My suggestion though… arrive with an appetite. It’s so filling. I wasn’t sure I would want to eat another piece of beef for months after this dinner. Not because it wasn’t good, but because I was so full and the thought of eating anymore meat made me sick to my stomach.

The rest of our staycation was spenImaget all around Disney and our resort. There is so much to do there and you just never have enough time to do it all. We love Disney and all that it has to offer. Maybe one day we will be able to say we have stayed at all of the resorts and have seen everything there is too see, but I doubt it as they are always adding something new. But we will certainly have fun trying 😉


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