Torborg Girls

A few months back I had a shoot with one of my barrel racing friends Christi and her daughter Sierra. Christi and I had only knew each other through mutual friends at the time, but by the end of the shoot, I felt like we had known each other for years. When I arrived at Christi’s house, she was frantically running around and getting ready. Christi had a body building performance the night before the shoot, and was running off of little to no sleep. Of course you would never guess that by looking at her photos.

Both girls wanted this shoot to revolve around them and their horses. Christi’s mare Honey is her gorgeous palomino that she runs all throughout the US at rodeos. She is a true 1D mare (barrel racing terms) and has helped to make quite a name for Christi. Sierra’s mare Faith is just the perfect horse for a beginner barrel racer. She is such a babysitter and is teaching Sierra to become a very confident rider and preparing her for her future in barrel racing. There is no doubt in my mind that this mother/daughter duo will be showing us all a thing or two at the barrel races in the near future!

Throughout the shoot, both Christi and Sierra changed outfits multiple times. You could tell that Christi had done this many times as she was so quick and proficient with her wardrobe changes. Some shoots that I have done that had multiple wardrobe changes ended up dragging the shoot along. But Christi has this mastered!

This was another shoot that I couldn’t wait to process. Every photo seemed so perfect, and both Christi and Sierra were such naturals in front of the camera. I’m sure it helped that they are both so extravagantly beautiful, but they just did every pose with professionalism. Once again making my life easy!

Once we finished the shoot, I went straight home to start choosing photos to edit. What a task I had on my hands, as almost every frame was just so perfect! Once I finished a few, I uploaded them to FB and the comments started pouring in. I was on cloud nine! Being I tagged Christi and her husband in the photos, the comments were coming from everywhere! It’s such a great feeling when people recognize your work and give great feedback. Not every shoot I do is perfect. But those I feel are, I pride myself on. And this is one of them!


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