Bobby Harper – Country Artist

I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of talented people in my lifetime, but Bobby Harper tops them all. As a country musician, Bobby has the soul and passion you don’t often see. He has that charming smile that melts your heart, and a voice as smooth as butter. 

I first had the opportunity to meet Bobby at my bachelorette party. We met through a mutual friend, and we all spent the night dancing away and celebrating my last night out on the town as a single woman. I look back at the photos and just laugh because who would have known that after that crazy night I would be a part of such and amazing adventure with him.

I have been given the pleasure of shooting several shoots with Bobby, built his website for him, and even had the chance to stand on the field while Bobby sang the National Anthem at the Citrus Bowl for last years Monster Jam. I had tears in my eyes as his voice mastered such an amazing and touching song. I have also gotten Bobby the gig of singing at the Volusia County Fair this year during the annual Miss VCF Pageant. I will do anything I can to Imagehelp Bobby get his name out there. His music is so amazing and I can’t wait for him to get his big break.

I am looking forward to many more shoots with Bobby, and hopefully to be standing front row at one of his concerts in the near future! I believe that Bobby will find his break and be given the chance to show the world how absolutely amazing and talented he is with his music! And I am sure he is even more anxious for that day to come than I am. Once you hear his music, I think you will feel the same way about him too!

Visit his website at for more information on his music, future performances, photos and to listen to his music.

ImageFollow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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