Our generation…

So I am sitting here scrolling through my social media networks and I see random pics of young girls dressed like 2 cent hookers, photos of teenagers drinking, pics of parents partying with their teenagers, bullying, pity posts, and everyone just airing their whole life on the internet. It makes me wonder what in the hell has happened to us? When I was growing up we had strict rules on what we wore, who we hung out with, where we went, etc. Now parents encourage bad behavior, contribute to these behaviors, and just seem to want to be their child’s friend rather than their parent. Then when their child is so out of control, they want to gripe and complain and say how they don’t understand why their child is so bad and they don’t understand where they got it from.

Social media, technology and laziness have taken over our children. I have a 7 year old stepson that fights with us to watch tv ALL the time. If we would let him, he would watch it all day long and way into the night. We have explained to him that it’s not healthy to watch tv all day and that he is young and should go outside and play. He has millions of toys, a bike, a scooter, horses and more. But he would rather watch tv than have anything to do with any of those things. We have boxes of toys that have never been opened, but he could care less. When I was a kid, we had to play outside unless it was breakfast, lunch or dinner time. We were allowed 1 hour of tv at night and an hour of cartoons on Saturday mornings. My husband and I try very hard to enforce this in our home, even though it’s a struggle. I watch my cousin’s son who is the same age as my stepson and all he wants to do it be creative and make things out of whatever he can find outside. He entertains himself all the time. But it’s because they have always made him play outside and find a way to entertain himself. He is not allowed to sit inside and watch tv all day. And I commend his parents for that.

I heard on the radio this morning that sports in schools are changing the rules to that no team is the actual winner. WHAT? REALLY? Not that everything should be about winning, but the point of winning in sports is to teach your children to work hard to win. To work as a team to meet those goal that get you the win. If you take winning out, what is there to work for? Do parents actually agree that this is ok? Do you really want your child to not have to work hard to get on top? We are a society of laziness. Next thing you know we will all be making the same pay all the way around the board because people will think it’s not fair that a doctor that went to school for up to 10 years makes more money than the burger flipping McDonalds worker that settles for the easy way out!

It pains me to see what the world is turning into and makes me think twice about bringing up my own children this world that is falling apart as we speak. I honestly think it’s too late to fix things as we have molded our future into unappreciative, selfish individuals that lack no morals or values anymore. I am just glad that I won’t be around to see it end. Well, I at least hope I am not here for that! And should I bring a child into this world one day, I pray that I show my child the utmost respect that I would want my child to show the world and teach my child to be a creative, goal driven and hard working individual that always wants better for their life and strives to be their best in everything they do.


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